Bosch World 718

Bosch World 718

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  • SmileyManOS

My first ever phone. Worked wonderfully. Pleasant memories come to mind of calling for the first time. It felt unreal.

  • Loton

we have this phone and we like it but it is not charging properly. How can we get below battery

Ni-MH Battery
Cap : 4.8V 650mAh
No. : 00451.046

my email ID is

  • Marshall

I had this phone last 11 years ago. I used it and then I threw in the trash in 2001. It was good in 1999. Right now is very ugly. It looks like a brick.

  • fabian

[deleted post]i heard boy ratrat is pogi.. that creature turns me on!! awww!!

  • Chenilingurgles

My gosh me too, I love this phone, I can use it for self defense, so much to do with this versatile phone, also I can use it as a vibrator for my werut.

  • pabo

hi guys, I cant use wifi of this phone, please help

  • kinurot_kurot_utong

i am planning to buy this phone :) can somebody tell me the pros of this phone? this phone is the greatest phone i've ever seen. i can use this as vibrator?? eewy.

  • kinurot_kurot_utong

[deleted post]what is sumpa? can you please talk in english? this phone is so amazing!!

  • pabo

i mean i'll use it as a alarm clock, it vibrate to much

  • kiwa_thd

so, how's your Christmas?
boring noh, idle kasi wahaha

i might buy this phone, LOL

  • mashed_potato

please dont buy dis phone its totally waste...
n go for some Android phone dude.....many android phoes r availabe in dis price...
the biggest problem in dis phone is dat it does not having the proximity sensor....hahaha!

  • Diosa

Avisala!!!Merry Merry Christmas...

  • WB

It was my first GSM phone and I loved it. Great, easy interface, simple and logical design. I'd say it was the best phone in terms of quality and user friendliness of its time.

  • se uzr

one of my first phones. was very happy with it. i think i got i after my nokia 5110 or thereabouts.

  • Nana

Oh god, my first phone! I miss bosch world, make some more?

  • bin

Hey how do u access the clock and alarm functions of the Bosch 718 World? Please reply...thnks!

  • Moses

The Worldphone is phenimenal. I have not used it in two years due to me wearing out the headset. I have regular, extra-life and vibrating battery packs but would love to track down a handset. If anyone knows where I would be able to get one please let me know. You may respond to or in the USA at 703.981-1906.

Thanks for reading.

  • Daz

The phone is good and still going strong in 2007. I've have just purchased a new battery but am having trouble locating an instruction manual so if you've got a manual hanging about gathering dust, please email me. Shame Bosch still do not make mobile phones like they used to.

  • casey boss

it is a great phone

  • Charles Allen Sr.

Dear Sir, Ma'am
I have a Bosch World Phone #718. I have had this phone for over six years now and I need another battery. The battery that I do have, no longer holds a charge. I have looked all over to have it replaced but no luck because this modal phone has been discontinued. The battery that I'm looking for is a 650 mAh Li-con battery. I would very much appreciate your assistance. The phone works excellent and I have had it for over six years and I donot want to replace it just because of the battery. I'm currently stationed here in Kuwait with the U.S Army. Thanks in advance for your understanding and assistance.
My mailing address is
CSM Charles Allen Sr.
80th Ordnance Battalion
Camp Arifjan
APO, AE. 09366