BQ Aquaris X5

BQ Aquaris X5

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  • Mehdi

Serphiroth, 07 Aug 2017Check this post moreNew update on 7.1.2

  • Serphiroth

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2017When will the new update 7.0Check this post

  • Anonymous

When will the new update 7.0

  • Elliot

I've used the Cyanogen version of this. Great battery, quick enough, lots of very good features not found on standard Android and great security features, the camera is as you'd expect, all in all, a very good value for money phone!
I don't see any point in comparing to a £700 Iphone, Sony or Samsung, but this is probably at the top end of lower spec phones

  • backflash

Hi, I've have been using this phone since last fall, actually the version that comes with CyanogenOS.
While the phone is cool (good performance, good looking, good OS), it has a serious construction flaw and it bends after some time and I mean, the terminal bends, it does not lay flat on flat surfaces anymore (a little bit like the first iPhones 6). If you look it on the internet (I looked it up in Spanish, the brand is Spanish and I bought it in Spain) it happened to a lot of people and the company refuses to acknowledge its fault. Some people may be able to live with the phone bending but the other day I got an electrical shock while holding it and now every time I touch this phone my hand is left with a noticeable tickling. I feel really uneasy about having a big liPo battery in a phone so slim with a metal frame, and the way the company seems to be handling this is just disgusting. So, I do not recommend this phone at all, and I would also advice everyone to not buy BQ phones. I was told they were kind of shady before buying the phone and I did not listen. Now I regret it and I am buying a new phone.

On a recent article online the Aquaris X5 was found to be one of a few Android OEM phones that do quickly/timely security updates. But how about major Android such as Nougat? Anyone can comment on the general performance, camera & battery life of the phone?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2016It does the same as iphone at 1/3 of the money. A real ipho... moreOh yes... Sure...

  • Jamil khan

Hi sir am use bq Aquarius x when sir my mobile memory come full like 5 GB or 4gb so mobile disple come black when am open apps 2nd sir my mobile doing hosting
Sir I want u give me answer

  • n4m3nl0s

Please make it smaller... great phone otherwise.

  • Anonymous

Excellent device

  • Joao

An excellent buy, high rank specifications with average cost. it's being sold online with a 5-year warranty.

  • Preina

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2016yes, it upgrades to android 6Latest update: july 2016, with Android 6.0.1

  • Anonymous

Euzebio, 18 Jun 2016Good and beautiful phone, but i will get android 6?yes, it upgrades to android 6

  • Euzebio

Good and beautiful phone, but i will get android 6?

  • fred basset

Tekkie, 28 Jan 2016No NFC is the only downpoint atm. I would have sacrificed d... moreno actually the official website states that the 32gb version comes with 3gb ram

  • Tekkie

No NFC is the only downpoint atm. I would have sacrificed dual-sim capability for NFC. Otherwise, time for other manufacturers to stand up and take a look at this bq

  • Alsonier

3gb ram?? no dude 2gb

  • Anonymous

It does the same as iphone at 1/3 of the money. A real iphone killer!