Braided Apple Lighting to USB-C cables appear in black and white

Michail, 23 July 2020

According to noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will skip the in-box accessories for its iPhone 12 series. While there is no definitive answer whether this is the case, a set of images show us Apple’s alleged new braided Lighting to USB-C cables. Leakster @L0vetodream is giving us our first look at the new cables which come in black and white colors.

Apple does offer a black Lighting cable with its 2017 iMac Pro which serves for charging the included Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 but has always included white cables with all its iPhones. According to speculation, the new Lighting cables will measure 1.05m just like the current in-box one but their diameter will be significantly larger at 3.04mm.

Some subtle differences with these new cables are that the white one is missing the rubber tubing below the connector while the black version has the tubing but also appears to have a matte finish on top. There is still no confirmation that these cables are legit or if Apple will bundle them with the iPhone 12 series so we’ll have to wait for more details to come.



Reader comments

Well thats also corrects i can confirm that. Many come to my stores and asking for a case and if we ask them whch iphne they have they dont know or they say something like Iphone Xs and they have Xr for example.

Most of these users don't even know which model of iPhone they are using. Sums up the userbase well.

Man to me the most important thing is to tell your customers truth and not lie or go around the hot bricks. Same goes for ym phone company i estabilished long time ago in y country. Having perfect long lasting battery which will quickly recharg...

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