Canalys: Huawei with record share in China, Honor accounts for 55% of the sales

25 July 2018

After a disappointing first quarter this year, the Chinese market starts to make a slow recovery. Q1 in 2018 marked a 21% decrease in sales YoY while Q2 shows only 8% decline. But while the whole market isn't doing all that well, Huawei is making some crazy gains.

In Q2 this year, the Chinese tech giant reached a market share of 27% with a total of 28.5 million shipments which is a record share for the Chinese market. That's also 22% growth compared to Q2 in 2017. The second and third places are taken by BBK Electronics-owned Oppo and vivo, respectively. The Oppo brand grew just 3% while vivo secured enough sales to register a 20% market share with 30% growth year-over-year.

The fourth place is occupied by Xiaomi, which grew a percentage point, while Apple in fifth saw its market share contract to 8%.

Back to Huawei, the analysts say that Honor takes credit for 55% of the Q2 2018 shipments, up from 33% a year ago. This means that Honor is the biggest lineup in Huawei's portfolio successfully challenging Xiaomi in the budget segment, while also successfully launching its first $500 flagships.

But it's not all roses as market analysts claim that the Chinese market will continue to decline towards the end of this year. The smaller vendors will take the hit harder as they struggle to sustain volumes.