Casio G'zOne CA-201L

Casio G'zOne CA-201L

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  • Stringer Bell
  • Ibx
  • 13 Dec 2021

lieutenant commando, 07 Apr 2019I have this hp ... but I use it when camping or into the ju... moreI also use this phone a lot in the corner wars when the Stanfield people bothering me,

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    • TechNoob
    • tue
    • 26 Mar 2021

    Little did we know that this phone has STD Protection

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      • Minu
      • tew
      • 22 Oct 2020

      Anonymous, 05 Jan 2020Or now you can also go to ASUS or RazerDon't forget Kyocera!

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        • Anonymous
        • ame
        • 05 Jan 2020

        lieutenant commando, 07 Apr 2019I have this hp ... but I use it when camping or into the ju... moreOr now you can also go to ASUS or Razer

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          • lieutenant commando
          • KZK
          • 07 Apr 2019

          I have this hp ... but I use it when camping or into the jungle ... I am a special troop commando .. i most need this gadget it is resistant to water and shock ... for a suitable for army ... if the gamer or internet addict u must go only to samsung galaxy s10 or i phone

            What??? I never knew Casio made phones! I thought they only made watches and keyboards!

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              • AnonD-564539
              • cUi
              • 07 Nov 2017

              Looks rugged but also classy even for a calculator maker it looks cool. 4.2

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                • crazytekkie
                • I8R
                • 21 Jul 2017

                I wish Casio would continue to make phones like this and improve upon... It's not a bad phone and is actually very robust and made for normal people. Handles drops and water very well and it's camera, tho not a flagship one, does a better job than my kyocera but it's performance definitely lags when more than a few programs get installed. Room for improvement but wasn't a bad start.... Wish the galaxies I had could handle half the abuse this one can take.

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                  • Casio user
                  • 5y2
                  • 06 Jan 2017

                  where can i find the stock rom for this phone ?
                  please help
                  i need the flashing tool and the original rom for this phone

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                    • Cookie
                    • ky3
                    • 01 Oct 2016

                    Nice phone,very responsive,root is easy,all in all an excellent rugged phone!

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                      • Josh
                      • 8ab
                      • 29 Jul 2016

                      Anonymous, 06 Jul 2015Unbelievable ! I thought Casio only make Calculators..And watches, including the notorious G-Shock, clocks, compasses, and calculators. Cameras, electronic musical instruments, and finally calculators, and phones.

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                        • BR
                        • N}V
                        • 10 Jul 2016

                        This phone was a disappointment. Yes, the case is water resistant and shock resistant. But the USB charging port breaks off pretty quickly making the water proofing a moot feature.

                        Frequently freezes up. Poor performance.

                        Was a big fan of G'zOne with the Boulder back in the days of flip phones but sadly the quality did not carry through.

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                          • AnonD-539606
                          • Kxa
                          • 20 May 2016

                          I Want To Update My Phone To Lastest Vesion..

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                            • AnonD-482847
                            • fD3
                            • 31 Dec 2015

                            Contac me! I will sent you a vietnamese rom for this phone

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                              • AnonD-479570
                              • PWa
                              • 23 Dec 2015

                              Fooley, 05 Nov 2015I have this phone once. The Korean Version Brand new and f... moreHow do I get Vietnam firmware for Casio G'zone CA-201L ?? Can you tell me pls ??

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                                • AnonD-191192
                                • KiE
                                • 20 Nov 2015

                                try to input your country code at first phone number, as replace with zero number
                                ex: in my country Indonesia 085xxxxxxxx, change with +6285xxxxxxxx

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                                  • AnonD-466982
                                  • 0mV
                                  • 18 Nov 2015

                                  So guys i bought this phone a few months ago, and i have been experiencing some problems with it. One of the problems is that my phone operator is bulgarian (this is also where i live) and my phone shows a message that it is constantly in roaming, therefore i can not use the megabytes that are on my card however i have no problems connecting to a wifi network. My second problem is with the messages. From time to time i cannot send messages it does not give any error or smth like this it just doesnt send the message.

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                                    • Fooley
                                    • 6c6
                                    • 05 Nov 2015

                                    I have this phone once. The Korean Version
                                    Brand new and full package.
                                    Including 2 spare battery and 1 portable charger for battery.

                                    It's hard to find this phone in my country. I've got this unlocked but with some restriction.
                                    GPS wont work and some features disabled. Then I flash to Vietnam Unofficial. It works GREAT! Despite of battery draining I Love it.

                                    Battery life when I use it for occasion is 6 - 8 hours. Sometimes it wont last 4 hour. But I manage to my battery with the portable charger. I bought 1 powerbank, when my 1st battery went out, I replace with 2nd battery fully charged. then I charge my 1st battery with portable charger that connected to powerbank.
                                    I know it's complicated, but it doesn't bother me.
                                    And I must carry small bag everywhere to put my battery replacement.

                                    I almost never use USB port on the phone except for data transfer. Flashing and rooting all is from the inside SDCard.

                                    I must sell this phone because I must change to dual simcard phone.

                                    So far this phone is real rugged.
                                    Only after u use it for long time, the matte black paint of phone body will be more glossy. because the rubber getting broken and shows the plastic inside. So I suggest u to buy jelly case or something to protect it.

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                                      • AnonD-200004
                                      • Lx5
                                      • 07 Oct 2015

                                      An alien phone

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                                        • Zed - India
                                        • 7tQ
                                        • 24 Aug 2015

                                        There are two models available for Casio G'zOne
                                        1. CA-201L (Asia) - Comes with InfraRed (Red outer casing)
                                        2. C811 4G LTE (US Verizon) without InfraRed (Black outer casing)

                                        Rest all the specifications are same.