Casio G'zOne Ravine 2

Casio G'zOne Ravine 2

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  • ys

>>But can it run Doom?

It can run Doom II RPG

  • NoBs

HEV Mk. IV Suit, 07 Feb 2019Does anyone know if this phone can use a Verizon SIM? Veriz... moreAfter 2020, Verizon is shutting down the 3G network and the phone will no longer work.

  • taker52

This phone uses CMDA 3g 1x network Verizon is phasing it out jan 2020 it will no longer work. Sucks,had this phone since 2011 and now being forced to upgrade. they said it will include a 99 dollar credit towards a new phone.

  • 486 and 16MB of RAM

But can it run Doom?

  • HEV Mk. IV Suit

Does anyone know if this phone can use a Verizon SIM? Verizon stopped activating new prepaid devices that use the “Built-In SIM”, but since this model uses a SIM slot, I figured that it might be able to use a Verizon SIM to use the Verizon network.

If anyone can answer this, it would be very helpful. I like this model of phone, and I am looking to get one to replace my broken phone. The ability to use a Verizon SIM instead of the prepaid “Built-In SIM” is a deal-breaker though, so if anyone can answer this, please do as soon as you can.

This is a phone. As such it works extremely well. If you are older you'll probably like it. If you're a youngster/young adult looking for all kinds of bells and whistles, quality pi'cs and videos, opening and closing the garage doors well you probably won't like it.

  • Anonymous

Best phone I ever owned 10 hers so far

  • skl

Can I use this phone in Viet Nam?

  • max

where can i get thi phone?and for how much?

  • opick

How much for this HP ?