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  • tee
  • XMW
  • 07 Apr 2021

I just got a b15 smartphone but the screen is not working, what should i do?

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    • Guest
    • 8kf
    • 09 Apr 2019

    I would like to buy few pieces for vessel - office communications

    Do anyone knows if What'sApp is supported in Android 4.1 ?
    Any information about the signal strength ?


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      • mgl
      • jdt
      • 09 Mar 2019

      Zubair, 18 Jan 2017Unfortunately all has stoppedmmhn

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        • Dr stamps
        • fjU
        • 06 Mar 2018

        I got my second hand cat B15 but I don't know where to put a Sim card

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          • Anonymous
          • NHK
          • 13 Aug 2017

          i want to update my b15

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            • Pompa the plumber
            • kZc
            • 01 Aug 2017

            4 yrs plus years old.... Being a plumbing and heating guy, it was under many houses & extreme cold & harsh complaints just not enough storage . On my 2nd battery. Highly recommended....

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              • AnonD-619807
              • 3A3
              • 28 Jun 2017

              Not so good stracture

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                • Zubair
                • 6Qu
                • 18 Jan 2017

                Unfortunately all has stopped

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                  • sagaboy
                  • KsN
                  • 17 Jan 2017

                  my b15 screen is broken where can i get it fix

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                    • Anonymous
                    • ssr
                    • 17 Dec 2016

                    [deleted post]Oh, and my HTC one SV is the same age as the CAT phone is, and it is still usable, while the CAT phone really isn't. That says a lot about a quality of the phones.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • fjS
                      • 24 Oct 2016

                      How can i increase my cat b 15 ram and must my settings for my default write disk be on phone memory or sd memory

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                        • AYAKHA
                        • fra
                        • 10 Oct 2016

                        KVB RAo, 20 Sep 2016i am looking for battery price for my CAT B15 Mobile phone... morealso need a battery for my b15 where can i get it

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                          • KVB RAo
                          • PEq
                          • 20 Sep 2016

                          i am looking for battery price for my CAT B15 Mobile phone. Kindly share the same and also wanted to that where can i buy this battery in india or have to get from abroad.

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                            • AnonD-574221
                            • Iaa
                            • 19 Aug 2016

                            Jerry, 20 Dec 2014Duel sim? Where is the second sim tray?Cat B15Q is dual sim

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                              • Brea
                              • I7t
                              • 07 Jul 2016

                              I purchased their phone when if first hit the market in 2013 and it has been going great. Only at the beginning of this year did it have it's first hick up, just a glitch from an app update. I did a factory reset and it fixed the problem instantaneously. It has lasted another 7 months but the battery is starting to go and no longer recharging correctly, which after 3 years is what one would expect. This phone has been thrown run over left in water for 3 hours and still has been working. As a person who works in out door industry I have been super happy with the phone before this I was replacing phones every 1-3 months. I will definitely be getting the new model at the end of this year!

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                                • AnonD-549843
                                • LF0
                                • 17 Jun 2016

                                Alf, 28 Feb 2016My CAT phone freeze, then I switched it of and it never cam... moreExactly the same thing happend to me...
                                It went out all of the sudden and stop working...
                                The battery dead and the touch not respondign the told me than the phone was unfixable that they would give me another one

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                                  • wiljak
                                  • S3Y
                                  • 12 Jun 2016

                                  i had virus on my B15Q from the factory... and the sound and recording was way of... and apparently they refuse to replace the phone but then i prolly get a new one with virus from factory again...

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                                    • cloner
                                    • 60{
                                    • 06 Jun 2016

                                    hi, im com from iran .I have a cat b 15 but is foul and in the iran samebody con not do that fix . im what do???????

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • frc
                                      • 28 May 2016

                                      Battery live not good, phone by itself

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                                        • Hannu
                                        • Mu1
                                        • 18 May 2016

                                        strongman, 30 Apr 2016please where do i put the second sim card plzThe sim cards go on top of each other. One in the slot at bottom and then the other top slot.