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  • Aaaaaaaaaarrgggh

The handbook is useless, I can't even find out how to adjust the volume on my phone.

  • Fred

I bought this phone as an xmas present for a friend.. I assumed as it was durable etc it was a good simple phne for hm that would last.. WRONG!! He's had it just weeks and initially it all seemed fine and then two days ago despite trying numerous charging cables including the one supplied it would not charge up!! It doesn't matter that the battery life is great when you can't even get it to charge up ie it's unrelaible and hence rubbish!!

Very disappointed and since have read more informed reviews and wish I hadn't bothered.. Luckily I phoned the supplier thinking it was just an odd one re the fault but they have no stock so cost will be refunded... I won't now bother looking to replace it with another given what I have since read about it from other purchasers more knowledgeable than me..Complete waste of time and a hard lesson to look more carefully before believing in the look of something.. Worst of it it was meant to be a present and has ended in disappointment for me as purchaser and for the person receiving it as a present...

  • Ralf

Mcc, 27 Nov 2018I enquired from the shop where I bought it, about the trouble am... moreHi,
just recently I've had the same problem. Luckily I was able to solve it. Here's what I did:
1. Install the KDE partition manager on your computer.
2. Insert your micro sd card in an sd adaptor. Make sure it is NOT write protected.
3. Close all applications that gain access to external memory i.e file managers.
4. Plug the sd adaptor (with your sd card in it) into a usb socket.
5. Launch the KDE partition manager.
6. Unmount (if necessary) all existing partitions on our sd card and delete them.
7. Create a new partition:
Choose "primary" and FAT16,
click the "advanced" button,
enter 4096 as a value for the first sector,
set the "align partition" checkbox,
Click OK.
8. Click "apply"
The whole procedure takes less than 3 minutes.

Good luck!

  • Anonymous

Flash light

  • Mcc

I enquired from the shop where I bought it, about the trouble am having with memory cards (SD cards) that are not working and I was advised to use a brand new card. But this is ridiculous because i have been using old SD cards in new phones and I have never experienced this problem. In a nutshell the cat B25 phone has proved to be useless. So prospective buyers think twice, don't say you were not warned.

  • Mcc

I bought the B25 on 13 November 2018. It has horrible ring tones as a result I inserted a memory card with songs so that I can use a song as a ring tone. This works only for one or two calls, the next call the horrible tone from the device sounds. When I go to file manager and check the songs it says no files. What could be the problem? I have tried changing SD cards the phone still behaves the same. Am using SanDisk SD cards. Am slowly but surely starting to hate the phone. Please assist.

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2018No, it's a gsm not a smartphone. So it's not umts or hspa or hsdpa?

  • Anonymous

khadeer, 30 Apr 2017sir, can this phone have android or in this phone we can use a... moreNo, it's a gsm not a smartphone.

  • Rua

cool, 18 Jan 2017How to set original ringtone(not from phone) for group?Can I i ncrease text size on phone for my husband? He is new to this phone and finds text very small.

  • Anonymous

MobileBoy82, 09 Jul 2015Yes it is,i own this and working very well without comfusing the... morePlz send me or guide me about software of b25

  • Aoun

My b25 is not working plz send me his software or link .

  • Anonymous

Many years ago I was looking for a phone to use during watersports, cause I´m a heavy wind sailor and wassersports teacher. The criterias were:
- water resistant (I mean really, not in a glass of water for 20 seconds)
- sturdy, beacause it gets hot and cold
- must work in water.
I had Sony Xperias, but they are not that sturdy. If I accidentally step on it with my 95 kg, it breaks into million pieces. So, I turned to CAT. I watched youtube vids testing different CAT models. The smartphones unfortunately dont work in water. If the screen is wet, no chance to call, cause the screen is unresponsive. So, I decided to buy a stupid phone with physical buttons. So, I picked this model.

Pros: Really water resistant. So sturdy, that I could use it as a hammer. No problem if I drive over it with my car neither. Rubber covered, not slippery. Long battery life. Dual SIM.

Cons: extremely low quality inside. Even some very old phones from the 1990´s beat it. Camera, display, menu design etc. are low end.

The phone is very basic, but still does the job perfectly. I only miss the GPS function. The perfect choice if someone is looking for a reliable, survival phone or just simply as a 2nd phone.

And one more thing: a "normal" SIM is the mini. One smaller is the micro and the smallest is the nano. This phone has 2 x normal/mini slots.

  • Anonymous

This phone can store up to 500 contacts on phone memory.
This phone doesn't have 3.5 mm jack. It uses microUSB as earphone jack.

  • Anonymous

bandineer, 16 Dec 2014What SIM size? Normal or mini?Normal size sim

  • Viktor

Hello how do i turn on T9 (predictive text) on this phone? Becouse its super annoying to press the same button 40 times to get 1 letter

  • Atif mirza

Hi guys i want to buy the phone cat b25 for just calling guide me only thst should i buy or not ????

  • Anonymous

Can I get a replacement screen

  • Andrea

Hi, I was wonering if this phone has the option of having múltiples numbers for the same contact. This is important since is for a visually impaired person.
Thank you!

  • khadeer

can this phone have android or in this phone we can use applicatiopns like whatapp and other

  • Tarek

I wish to know how i can change the language