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  • AnOriginalName

It was Walpole, 18 Nov 2018What is the operating system of this phone?It runs Java

  • Silver

Is there someone know if you can make letters bigger in Cat B30?

What is the operating system of this phone?

Amit, 02 Aug 2017You cant, terrible isn't it. Yes you can, you just don't know how to use it.

Sweeft, 02 Aug 2018Mine has a web browser. I use the one Sim model. The phone ... moreUpdate: I use the two Sim model rather.

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2015No web browser... failMine has a web browser. I use the one Sim model. The phone is really good despite most of the negative comments I see here.

What's with the unusual screen resolution?! All feature phones in 1.4 - 1.6" should be 128x128, 1.7 - 1.9" at 128x160, and 2.0 - 2.4" at 240x320.

  • AnonD-756080

Madzu159, 02 Jan 2018Is there a way to assign contacts different ringtones?Yes.

For new contact at the bottom of the list select an option DEFAULT RINGTONES. Then you will be presented with three options. 1. DEFAULT RINGTONES. 2. PHONE RINGTONES. 3. SELECT FROM SOUND FILES.
Choose option 2 or 3 and select ringtone or music file mp3 of your choice for that contact.

For existing contact. From contact list find desirable contact. Select orange button once to enter into contact details and select it again to enter edit mode. Now steps are like one for new contact (see above.)

  • AnonD-756080

Ali, 04 Feb 2017Dose This phone auto call recording facility ?Yes.

  • hello kitty

I have some questions about the juse of the Cat B30 phone,
I'ff read the little information "books" witch where in the box, but they don't give real information about the juse of the phone.
So i went on the internet but cant find it !!! verry irritating, .
Here are my Question's:
Is There:
- a VOLUME op/down sellection on this thing??
- a choice in ringtone's some where ??
and can I choose The VOLUME of that some where??
- is there WIFI on it?? and can I turn it OFF ??
- my phone keeps showing the text "bussy sending" or "sending" in the messages box, . .what does't meen??? I did'nt send anything jet?? I''m not sending or wanne send nothing?
- How does the flaslight work?? because if i look it up press nummer 7 (thats under the yellow dott ?) nothing happend, . . .

I hope someone can give me some tips?? I would really appriciate it :)
In hope for a return on this request,

Greetz From Holland,
Hello Kitty
(and please excuse me for my poor English.)

???? I'ff just read the Posting rules, . . but posted my text here above, .. . already and i'm not to post it again?
I'm sorry but I do, because where and how do i know if my questions (my posting) geats throw the screening how long does that take??
, . . and will be allowed??
And is there a chance i get an awnser too my questions, . (other than look it up on the internet "somewhere els", . . ) ???
I hope for a repleay, reaction, . . .

  • AnonD-742963

Can I find names in contacts not to insert all the charachters of the searched name?

  • Vitas

Good vorking microSD, up to 32 GB

  • Peka

What kind of SIM card is required for this phone

  • Madzu159

Is there a way to assign contacts different ringtones?

  • Madzu159

Is there a way to assign contacts different ringtones?

  • KondaS

B30 has removeble battery

  • AniB

Anonymous, 19 Nov 2017yes, this phone have Polish language.Thank you

  • Anonymous

AniB, 18 Nov 2017Hi, Does anyone know if this has polish language on it?yes, this phone have Polish language.

  • AniB


Does anyone know if this has polish language on it?

  • Akko

Can anyone tell why is the phone automatically switching off .
Any solution for it?
The phone is fully charged.