Cat S22 Flip

Cat S22 Flip

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This phone is a very good phone for people that want to brag about a S22, but leave out the CAT part. I'm telling you, you'll need to find 10 year olds to be able to convince them if they don't know much about phones. Other than that, this phone should be good for calling.

Verykool ambassador , 08 Nov 2021I have this phone. It’s the best even better than my IPhone 30what about the price?

  • Verykool ambassador

I have this phone. It’s the best even better than my IPhone 30

Anonymous, 08 Oct 2021WTF xD It looks almost slim on the official photos I gue... moreLmaoo

  • Anonymous

Mr Magma, 06 Oct 20212010 specs. Nice.I don't remember Snapdragon 215 was launched in 2010, not even Android 11 as well.

  • Anonymous

A flip phone with Numpad running Android instead of KaiOS? YES, PLEASE!

hahaha yes s22, available now :)

  • Anonymous

Highlander1978, 08 Oct 2021official photo moreWTF xD It looks almost slim on the official photos

I guess the only reason to buy this phone is so that you can brag to your friends that you got your 'S22' before everyone else

  • havinhnam

if this phone use qwerty keyboard will be nice. this numbers keyboard is little use!

great phone for simlocked phone or calls i love it if the headphone jack is right OK

  • Anonymous

Where to get this phone in europe?

  • Anonymous

I would buy one, is a nice alternative for a backup phone

  • Anonymous

For EUR200, that screen size is a missed opportunity though. Cat should have looked at some droid Japanese keitais (those btw run FULL Nougat etc but that'd be not such a good idea for 2GB RAM +

  • Anonymous

Dudenoway, 06 Oct 2021Good for who need a phone with qwerty keyboard and flip on ... moreIt has a T-9 keyboard. Not qwerty.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]5MP

the slogan of this device

very nice deal

  • Anonymous

Always nice to have a rugged option but is Android really the way to go? I never thought KaiOS made the cut due to habing the same clunky interface and resource inefficiency. Can manufacturers keep it simple but offer modern LTE and 5G on a basic phone without a ton of smartphone functionality?

2010 specs. Nice.

  • pain 1996

Shut up. Take my money

  • Anonymous

200 euros for this?