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Cat S40

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  • nick

Andreidinutu, 22 Apr 2020Pubg how many fpslike 2 fps

Pubg how many fps

  • Anonymous

kakadu, 09 Apr 2018i have this phone. it is so slow because of 1gb ram. Dont b... moreMy exact complaint! Pmoooo

  • Anonymous

I am using the CAT40 for a few years now. It is a practical phone. Not the kind of phone you use as a fashion statement, although some people do think it is kind of hot or cool that you have CAT as phone. The screen is okay for email and some browsing but for more extensive online action you better get your tablet out.

  • Anonymous

It does what it says on the tin if you want more you pay more " Simples" I've used mine at work for 2 yrs now without any issues.

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2018My honest advice to anyone that wanted to buy cat phone. Do... moreWhat did you expect with such a low quality screen and 1GB of RAM?

  • Anonymous

My honest advice to anyone that wanted to buy cat phone. Don't buy it cause you will regret it big time. I know cause I owned one.

  • Anonymous

GPS problems dont work offline after 3 mouths

  • PaulGZ

Chronic failures in landscape mode. Camera rarely takes a photo over 2mb. NOTcompatible with MHL... you cant show anyone photos on a smart TV. i dropped it 32" from my desk, it hit the charger and put 2 cracks on the screen. I give the phone 1 star at best considering price. I find increasingly that manufacturers are prejudiced towards landscape mode. All should be forced to watch all their movies in portrait mode. Maybe in 20 yrs smart phones will actually be smart... but probably unlikely with a cloud overhead.

  • Liz

It won't switch on

  • kakadu

i have this phone. it is so slow because of 1gb ram. Dont buy this phone if you want to play more than 2 games because that phone start lagging and now i dont have any game but still that phone is lagging so much i need to restart my phone 4 timas a day! Dont buy this phone if you want that your phone is fast and going smoothly! (this phone is lagging and it's very slow! (it's my opinion)

  • o

I don't recognize myself in the negative experience described.
I've had CAT s40 with a SD 64 Gb card, for a year and it has been excellent.
Sure, I know it's not the latest android. I know it doesn't hold the best or latest specs.
But it works! Last summer I used it a as navigating tool while sailing regattas and fun sailing and it's been sprayed on by sea water more times than I can count. This winter I've used it daily skiing, in temperatures down to -17, and it has worked flawless. I have also lost it to the ground numerous time, and the screen has no scratch. I'm using an extra layer of armour shield on the screen just to be on the safe side. The case itself has only suffered one tiny scratch after all this abuse.
The problems I have encountered, however, are due to poorly made apps, that either take to much space or even makes the android system shut down. Once uninstalling these poorly made apps, everything has run smoothly again.
Don't remember the few that has caused an issue other than Adobe Lightroom that eats up an incredible amount of space cataloging your images. Even when uninstalled (after a backup) the catalogues had to be removed manually and took a lot of time. In retrospect I should have taken a backup of everything and reset to factory settings.

A perfect phone for me and my outdoor lifestyle.


  • Mac9421

It looks like a decent work phone. Had mine 2 hours and it froze on me. Have to keep holding the power key in till it restarts. Have to restart it every couple of hours now as it keeps locking up. Only extra apps I have is whatsapp and messenger. The same problems are happening with my work mates s40.. Pretty disappointed with this phone.

  • Somenick

Abdullah Paruk, 02 Nov 2017CAT supposed to be a good brand. Reviews are tormenting. Ma... moreSuch an obvious ad! Nice try thou.

  • Anonymous

It's not a good phone i have many problems of software, and it's xpensive. don't buy

  • Anonymous

Without doubt, the worst and most unreliable phone I ever owned...and the most expensive phone I ever bought next phone is back to a Moto G

  • Abdullah Paruk

CAT supposed to be a good brand. Reviews are tormenting. Maybe one is better off purchasing a Redmi 4A, total value for money and great specs. Ultra fast and certainly reliable

  • Dave

Have had this phone for 2 days. It has froze at least 8 times already. Gonna call tech support Monday. It is very slow also. I hope there is a solution to these problems. I like the style of the phone.

  • Sam

I bought 2 cat S40 phones from Amazon. a year and few months later, the mics stopped working. I called the company for the repair and they mentioned it is out of warranty. I stated that I'm willing to pay for the replacement part but they refuse to support stating that this product discontinued - although they still sell it on their website and advise me to buy new one!

  • AnonD-702535

Bob, 21 Sep 2017I've used my S40 for 2 months now. It has a display and tou... morei have also experienced the same proble. it is becaus the charger is crappy. use a better power supply and cable.