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  • Bob

Orlando, 19 Jan 2020I have several problems with campera. Error to connect the camer... moreHave you tried doing a factory reset? Camera didn't go anywhere, so its probably just an app issue

  • Orlando

I have several problems with campera. Error to connect the camera, there is not updates, there is not support. I am frustrated. I really need the back camera.
Please forma Bullit: it is time to work to fix the problems

  • celegorm

I spend 2 months per year in the wild and this GSM is the best: gps ok, huge battery, able to share battery to other devices, waterproof, a button for custom use... and really indestructible. After iphone/samsung/LG garbages, that's my first good smartphone. The only bad thing is that you can't root it...

  • Anonymous

garderen1, 22 Aug 2019Allright, I bought the S41 because I was fed up being fooled by ... moreThe S41 was released in September of 2017. I am very curious if there might be a "Cat S42" coming out in the very near future. I hope there is and I also hope Bullitt Group has been taking to heart the feedback from real-world users to build an improved product. I am particularly interested to see if any new releases from Bullitt Group will now incorporate Blackberry security software. I'm waiting!

Allright, I bought the S41 because I was fed up being fooled by premium smartphonebrands stating theire phone's where water and shockproof. I proved them wrong tho. I've had samsungs, motorola's (was quite in love with those) and finally a sony (which was a piece of sh*t).

Because of work (mechanic) and outdoor activities I decided it was time for a potato phone. I gave up speed and good image(camera) quality. But after using the phone for roughly two years, it's safe to say this is the best phone ive ever had. It's almost indestructible and when dirty I just wash it with brakecleaner:)

About the trouble with GSM: it's NOT the phone was with someone who had a new samsung which also didn't have connection. Bluetooth works fine, battery life is good and its absolutely drop and waterproof. A little negative point is the camera; the quality sucks, but i dont need it that often.

So if you're looking for a reliable phone that doesnt cost that much: buy this one.

  • Petero

I love this phone how can I get my screen and charge in Kenya.

  • Natasha

Scientifiq, 01 Jul 2019Hi guys, I am from south Africa. I would like to buy the CAT S41... moreI have one, and really disappointed. Never again a cat. I will go back again to Huawei.
My phone signal is sooo bad. Its slow, camara is a desastre.

  • najluci

Scientifiq, 01 Jul 2019Hi guys, I am from south Africa. I would like to buy the CAT S41... moreHi,

To add up to Miclovan. I have used CAT S41 for a year and a half now. My experience is mixed, which is a shame because the phone has good potential.

1) I have never had problems with mobile signal, sometimes when my friends lost connection I still had some signal left. GPS works, but it could be better as Miclovan said.

2) Yea, the camera is poor when not in a bright environment. It is also slow.

3) Software and software updates are, in my opinion, the weakest link with CAT S41. Software updates did include some nasty bugs over time, like problems with microSD card. Those nasty bugs were solved some months(!) later, but minor issues remain. Like indicator LED that is not working from the first update. It really gives you feeling they don't give a shit about improving the software. They just forward security fixes from google every few months.

Scientifiq, 01 Jul 2019Hi guys, I am from south Africa. I would like to buy the CAT S41... more1) Mine doesn't have problems with mobile signal (GSM or 4G LTE, works good)

I was nitpicking about the GPS signal quality because it could be better by today's standards, when some phones can pick a GPS signal even inside a few meters from the windows, as demonstrated by test programs which show levels in dbHz - the GPS antenna is not very good in CAT S41. This not enough to get you lost, it's just annoying if you were spoiled by a phone with better GPS quality like Galaxy S8 or S9. If you want to do geocaching, the always decalibrated and trembling compass doesn't help either.

2) Camera is really poor, forget about it if it's not a very bright environment.

3) I had some problems with Oreo which went away after I disabled Wi-Fi scanning / Bluetooth scanning which supposedly works even Wi-Fi/Bluetooth are disabled just to improve location service.

Hi guys, I am from south Africa. I would like to buy the CAT S41 phone, but from what i am reading here, it has so many problems. i have tried to summarize the problems i read from you all and the possible questions thereof:

1) Connectivity to Network: It does not pick up network signal well; and it is not picking up the GPS signal well.

Question 1: Is it always losing GSM network or what?

2) Photo: I hear you guys saying Camera (both front and back) are poor, but the phone specifications say (front = 5MP + flash; Back = 13MP + flash).

Question 2: so how bad are the pictures, compared to those of an Iphone 6s?

3) The Software: I hear you guys saying that the new software OREO is causing disaster on the phone: home buttons not working, battery percentage display, automatic connection to wifi not working, contacts disappearing, ...etc.

Question 3: Is the latest software available already and if so, were these problems solved in the new software?

Please give me some answers here, i want to know whether to buy the phone or not.
Thank you all.

  • Anonymous

Any thoughts on NFC performance?

  • David

It's been almost 4 months I've got my cats41 it does fine i loved it, very durable, i dropped into swimming pool a few times still works fine battery does good as well, the only issue is the home button which stopped working after updating to Oreo besides that alls good, yes and the camera isn't great. You know it wasn't meant to taking great pictires.

  • bob

james, 06 May 2019where do i find the phone in kenyaYou can buy Cat phones at Safaricom or Rugged Equipment

  • james

where do i find the phone in kenya

  • Friendly

The Phone Guy, 16 Apr 2019You know it comes with a two year warranty?Not according to their customer service. Phones sold to US customers have a one year warranty.

Friendly, 14 Apr 2019My experienced with the S41 has been a mixed bag. The display wa... moreYou know it comes with a two year warranty?

  • Friendly

My experienced with the S41 has been a mixed bag. The display was good. The phone was admirably durable. Overall size was good, especially considering the type of phone it is. Performance was hit and miss; as a smartphone it was respectable, but as a phone it did not have the best connectivity I've experienced. The camera is simply terrible, it has no redeeming features unfortunately. I purchased mine at preorder and got a year and a half out of it before it simply stopped working and stopped charging. Ultimately, I will not be replacing this phone with another S41 or likely another CAT.

Muna, 16 Mar 2019That's a good phone. I don't know what you are complain here.Maybe because you don't know to read ?
I complained about compass and GPS signal. Do I need to spell it for you ?

  • Swedish guy

Well, I've had the phone since its launch and I'm quite pleased with it. But there has been some bad updated along the way, just last summer there was a update that made the phone crash when it had a SD-card inserted, and then some minor "downgrades" on the feature side before. Furthermore, I'm a bit disappointed about both the camera and the reception, which has been lacking somewhat in performance. Otherwise it has shown to be a perfectly good cellphone with a great battery time, bright screen and a tough construction!

  • evan

Hi guys, is the only issue the OREO OS (android 8) experience, apart from that does it work fine ?