Cat S50

Cat S50

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  • Meisie

How do I set a ringtone on my phone

  • Anonymous

Yes it is sluggesh. Restarts on own all the tim and will repeatedly send the same text to someone over and over...what's up with that?

  • Josh

Very poorly designed. They designed it to be waterproof, and shockproof, but neglected things like functionality, memory, processing speed, etc. And then completely forgot to put any protection on the screen, a slightly raised rubber lip around it would have been all it took. I had it freeze up on me a few months ago and the only way to reset it was to completely tear the phone apart and pull the battery wire off the main board. It just needed a hard reset, but this was the only way to do it. Then today, the phone got knocked out of my hand, cracked the digitizer and screen. The parts cost more than half as much as the phone cost me new. I've only had it a few months, but it is going in the trash. I've honestly gotten better results with the free phones from straight talk. Absolute junk.

  • Dave

Worst phone. Camera not clear and can't update system.

  • Anonymous

Got cat s50 .few years ago very slow and hangs bad not a smooth running got iPhone it runs smooth and fast.

  • Anonymous

I had it on dtc wireless and their saying it cannot be connected to any other server.and dtc went out of phone worthless.


crash screen and cant replace it, making phone useless

  • Sab

Broke the screen after a year, battery stopped working after about 2. Extremely slow and very little space with all their filler applications preinstalled.

  • Flo

OK, finally broke the screen after 2 years, sitting on it with a scrawdriver in the rearpocket...
Fell hundreds of times before, without a crack, including in water. But yes, its was slow (even for basic application like pdf editing) and add difficulties to connect to network (but no problem with Bluetooth or GPS, all over the world). The worse desagreement was (is?) that the phone was heating so much as the SD cards became inoperative (too bad when you put your maps in the card and try to use navigation apps, and when you realize that you have to choose between music OR internet during travel). And yes, CAT support is worst than one can imagine, so now, I going to look for another brand if I can't repair my CAT...

  • catttt

trevor, 29 Apr 2017expensive trash, doesn't connect to bluetooth, as durable a... moreits the best phone ever!!
never broke!

  • AnonD-674648

trevor, 29 Apr 2017expensive trash, doesn't connect to bluetooth, as durable a... moreslow whilst doing?

  • Andrew

Worst phone ever, screen cracked sent out to get fixed and second time around it cracked again....shitty phone

  • trevor

expensive trash, doesn't connect to bluetooth, as durable as tissue paper, glass breaks constantly, way too slow, camera is terrible. complete miss. ill never buy a cat product again. please dont buy this worthless phone. oh and there warranty is in German or Swedish so they dont have to live up to it, i HATE this phone.

  • Anonymous

the worst phone i have ever bought or used slow would not buy again

  • Anonymous

The phone can be quiet slow at times , should not be considered as a smart phone at all its engine needs serious work .. interms of durability its one of the best of its kind , it can take a serious beating

  • Mahid

Cat S50 recovary mode not comeing
please help me

  • Anonymous

These phones are very rugged and can definitely take a beating. The one thing I do not like is mine can be slow and laggy many many times a day. Other than that, I am very impressed with this phone and the durability of it.

  • Anonymous

I wouldn't recommend the cat s50 at all. I have owned it for a year now and the screen has cracked twice with being occasionally dropped in everyday use - no harsh treatment at all. The first repair took so long I won't bother fixing it now. Also the side cover is peeling off near the charger port and the SD card port is acting up and losing contact with the card. The software is very glitchy and the GPS is poor in rural areas. I can't see how this is considered a rugged military spec phone as it can't compare to any other rugged phone I have owned. Perhaps it should be given to the enemy forces.

  • Anonymous

my s 50 wont start up n i have been charging it for so long n stil not wanted to start up,what can the problem be

  • Kevin

Bought this phone when it first come out in November 2014. It's been a excellent phone and taken a lot of drops and bangs. I have broken one screen but to be fair I left the phone on the bumper of my truck. Where I found the phone in a ditch it would have come of the bumper at approximately 35-40mph and it only cracked the screen and was still working. I have no issues with this phone would recommend to anyone but the only problem I have is I have just broken the screen again plus the lcd behind as well. I can buy replacement glass screen anywhere but the lcd is hard to get hold of and still currently looking for one. So phone is excellent but replacement parts are hard to come by for this model and cat don't answer my emails