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  • 01 Jan 2024

you have to suffer, 07 Feb 2023this is where the nokia xr20 makes a good deal.And even better, the XR20 is slashed to half price in most retailing regions

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    • 25 Jun 2023

    This THE ONLY choice for the WORKING MAN. Pockets full of metal dust, WILL destroy ANYTHING. I got "rugged" Samsumg POS and USB C was kaput in less than two years.
    Now I got me S53 and will replace the battery in trusty old S60, that worked flawless for four years, because I sometimes need thermal camera. I did crack the display, but it was replaced under warranty. Don't know where everybody gets so much problems with this phones? Might be buying them "cheap" on Ali Baba ??? NEVER gonna buy anything else.

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      • 23 Mar 2023

      I have this phone. I've had to get it replaced already twice. The first time, as soon as I got the phone I realised the audio was bad and realised there was a problem with the mic when recording video so sent it back. The second time after receiving a new phone it fell from around 1 meter onto concrete and the screen smashed (although it's supposed to be rugged). So I'm now on my 3rd after having them replaced by CAT and I will probably be sending it back and asking for a full refund as the mic quality is again appaling.

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        • gy9
        • 27 Feb 2023

        Wait thats the builder phone *oof*

          Total fan, 10 Oct 2022This phone has the most shitty camera I have ever seen in a... moreyou have to be a mannequin to get the best shot possible.

            this is where the nokia xr20 makes a good deal.

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              • 01 Feb 2023

              Anonymous, 31 Jan 2023I've heard people talking about how you can connect to... moreHi.You can't connect with the S53 via satelite,because this phone did not have the chipset to realize this thing.A new Cat model will be unveil at MWC 2023,which will have a personalised mediatek chipset to realised the communication via satelite.The Iphone only have SOS emergency via satelite,but the Cat phone seems that it has more complete proccess with 2 way satelite.For more information you must wait until by the end of february.

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                • IbK
                • 31 Jan 2023

                I've heard people talking about how you can connect to a satellite communication system with this phone just like you can do with the iPhone 14 and they said oh we solved the problem of having no cell service.

                Apple already solved that damn problem way before you did, you just took their device and basically made a Android version of it.

                Whenever it does come out, I would totally love to try it to see if it actually is any better than iPhone 14's satellite communication, but frankly if I don't have enough money to buy the iPhone 14 then I don't have enough money to buy this phone.

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                  • Geoa
                  • FJ4
                  • 14 Jan 2023

                  I have had every Cat phone besides the s42 s52 s62 as I like to collect rugged phones. I would not buy the s53 as every single Cat I bought had problems from new, for instance the s61, a major feature the laser distance meter stopped working after first start and updating all apps pre-installed on phone, Cat never fixed it and after I bought another s61 used it had same problem, on top of that neither had good reception, my Sonim XP8 was half the price and still is my main useage phone gets reception everywhere, even where iPhones and Galaxys won't, Every other Cat phone had even more problems, this is being babbied, never abused or dropped, in a case and tempered screen protector. So I just do not trust Cat as a truly rugged phone or even just as a basic phone, they just aren't, and they are all overpriced for what you actually get.

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                    • 10 Dec 2022

                    Nokia XR20 is more value for money device compared with a Cat S53

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                      • GL4
                      • 03 Nov 2022

                      Total fan, 10 Oct 2022This phone has the most shitty camera I have ever seen in a... moreMost devices take bad photos in low-light conditions. This isn't an iPhone...

                        Total fan, 10 Oct 2022This phone has the most shitty camera I have ever seen in a... moreSays the camera shaker. Loads of budget androids take good pictures @ daylight, but at night you need a steady hand with them .

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                          • 13 Oct 2022

                          Total fan, 10 Oct 2022This phone has the most shitty camera I have ever seen in a... moreHi.The Cat brand is know for their great durability phones.Of course the S53 has no exception.But compare to past models,this model has a very good 48 MP Sony,which takes decent images.

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                            • 10 Oct 2022

                            This phone has the most shitty camera I have ever seen in android phone. This is not my first CAT phone, but this guys are total crap, I mean camera. When you are testing it at a store everything seems wow, but take it somewhere with low lighting and you have to stay steedy as a tripod to make sure this sh*t makes focus, takes picture with automatically set exposure time, and if you are trying to take fast pics with torch on you won't, because you have to wait till focused and pic being recorded. So overall rating for this phones camera is one 🥔 out of eleven thousand.

                              Oh, come on...

                                Time gift the construction workers this phone