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  • mE0
  • 08 Jan 2024

edemanian, 25 Nov 2023Bought for its thermal camera had this as a work phone with... moreWhy don't you trust Chinese rugged smartphones?

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    • edemanian
    • 3RU
    • 25 Nov 2023

    Vampiro, 07 Oct 2023Never ever purchase this piece of s... to use as a phone, i... moreBought for its thermal camera had this as a work phone with a Samsung note9 as main driver. 5 years later still using the Cat s61, works perfectly and actually using it as a main driver now. Had the battery replaced 2 years ago, still has the original glass protection on. Looking for a replacement but nothing comes close to be a step up big enough, I don't trust chinese rugged phones plus I don't like big and heavy brick like phones. and nothing else has a thermal camera.

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      • DatBoiOrly
      • nF7
      • 12 Nov 2023

      I honestly love this phone I've dropped it so many times and the chassis is marked, but still works no screen damage what so ever. For those wondering the reason I keep dropping it is because fireproof overalls pockets are dumb not deep enough. Anyways I don't get the hate behind the phone saying "the battery doesn't last long enough" even though on full brightness lasts a full 10 hours & for normal use it lasts up to 2 days. It's not the most powerful phone I've owned but probably the best built one and I can actually hold it since it's a decent thickness unlike the Samsung's where if they were thinner you'll lose a finger

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        • Vampiro
        • Mnr
        • 07 Oct 2023

        Never ever purchase this piece of s... to use as a phone, it will certainly drive you mad. It's only values are in special functions (Thermovision, air quality sensors, underwater camera(if you don't mind that the speaker gets fckd) and laser measure. Ok, also the battery lasts a long phone calls, but not when you use the internet, then its quickly used. Processor is a disaster, nothing works normally. I'd have never buy it knowing what awaits me.

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          • oskare2345
          • Ava
          • 08 Sep 2023

          After installing Samsung S20 Ultra G988 EB-BG988ABY battery there was still place left. I couldnt find battery of bigger capacity that would fit into phone so i ordered 306070 2100mah battery from aliexpress with intention of connecting it paralell to S20 battery. Two batteries do fit but soldering them to the bms board in quite tricky. Middle of the back panel is slightly bulged outwards. Now phone has about 7000mah (original battery is 4500...) Battery lasts for days but i cant change capacity in android so battery indicator acts funny.

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            • Tyro
            • 3R4
            • 24 Aug 2023

            I have owned Cat S61 for several years now. Good phone in overall but I remember when it came out there where multiple software issue (some of the affected hardware as well) which manufacturer tried to resolve with multiple Android updates and after they solved them there were no huge issues. In beginning of 2023 my battery became useless because of short battery life, so I changed it. I assume new battery wasn't brand new but it was original Cat S61 battery and I could use phone without charging from 1 - 2 days but now again battery is dying and I am thinking to switch away from Cat Phones cause the phone itself was pricey and I wasn't expecting that there will be so many software issues and the plastic covers for aux port and type-c port will come loose.

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              • oskare2345
              • Ava
              • 25 Jul 2023

              Just swapped battery as Trends G8 wrote. Samsung S20 Ultra G988 EB-BG988ABY battery barelly fits but it is 5000mah. You need to swap bms boards. Original battery is 705965 size but there is place for bigger one - you can go to about 8mm thickness. Place in phone is 61mm in width and 70mm in lenght but you must leave about 2mm for board.

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                • Trends G8
                • fXs
                • 21 Jul 2023

                For the love of CAT S61, I modified battery for S20 now it lasts for days on a single charge "bullitt brothers please try to improve & upgrade your batteries we love CATERPILLAR phones, your batteries must etleast last like the ones for unihertz tank

        , 12 Aug 2022The Cat S61 is both IP68 and IP69K rated.Yes, until you remove the back to replace the battery. Then the waterproof thing is completely useless

                    My phone did the same thing. It was such a great phone. But the battery started acting up. It wouldn't charge. While a charge would drop 20 30% within a few seconds. Then it wouldn't charge at all. I ordered an aftermarket battery with a 5800mah compatible,hopefully this will fix the problem. Although replacing the battery will void the warranty, which is useless anyway.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • r7Q
                      • 19 May 2023

                      S61User, 06 May 2023Contact CAT support. My phone was doing the same thing, 6mt... moreCome to Le Phones at 5900 Sherbrooke West H4A 1X7. We do repairs and we will fix any issues you have with your devices.

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                        • S61User
                        • QUH
                        • 06 May 2023

                        Rich, 22 Apr 2023I have owned this phone for three years, I wanted a tough p... moreContact CAT support. My phone was doing the same thing, 6mths out of the box. I was without a phone for a week but haven't had problems since they replaced the battery.

                        Tbh you cannot expect a perfectly functioning phone.

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                          • Rich
                          • MKR
                          • 22 Apr 2023

                          I have owned this phone for three years, I wanted a tough phone that was waterproof and drop proof. The FLIR camera was an added bonus and has helped me diagnose problems in the workshop and at work. I loved this phone which is why it makes it so difficult to say I will never buy another CAT phone. After a couple of years it began with the charging problems, it would be on charge all night and only read 58%, as soon as it was unplugged it would begin dropping by the second and then sit at around 20% for a few hours before switching off. At first it just did it once every few charges, now I am having to charge it three times a day and sometimes it lasts only minutes. It is bitterly disappointing because if they had only sorted this problem it would be a phone for life. As I said, never again.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • wrj
                            • 21 Apr 2023

                            where to find stock rom for these device, i need it. can somebody help me?

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                              • Salute
                              • NuU
                              • 13 Mar 2023

                              Gulf lion, 29 May 2022I bought this mobile from 2019 before Corona, it was good m... moreHaving problems with the battery

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                                • Icecaptain
                                • Nue
                                • 14 Aug 2022

                                oskare2345, 19 Nov 2021Do you know which battery they used?I don't know the exact battery but seems the tech look for a battery of same size and do some amendments.

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                                  • 6v0
                                  • 12 Aug 2022

                                  The Cat S61 is both IP68 and IP69K rated.

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                                    • Gulf lion
                                    • a43
                                    • 29 May 2022

                                    I bought this mobile from 2019 before Corona, it was good mobile , now I have problems in battery and microphone. It was good mobile but the spare part not available

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                                      • BB-fan
                                      • 0TI
                                      • 03 May 2022

                                      JerryS, 17 Apr 2022I've had mine since it came out. Very reliable, but h... moreHi.As what i know,Bulliet is working on a new model,for the S6x series.I think it will be a 5G phone,and it will release in the coming month.So stay tuned.Thank you.

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                                        • JerryS
                                        • sci
                                        • 17 Apr 2022

                                        I've had mine since it came out. Very reliable, but heavy. I was going to upgrade to their newer phone. BUT it should have supported 5G and WiFi 6. They don't.