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  • Gulf lion
  • a43
  • 29 May 2022

I bought this mobile from 2019 before Corona, it was good mobile , now I have problems in battery and microphone. It was good mobile but the spare part not available

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    • BB-fan
    • 0TI
    • 03 May 2022

    JerryS, 17 Apr 2022I've had mine since it came out. Very reliable, but h... moreHi.As what i know,Bulliet is working on a new model,for the S6x series.I think it will be a 5G phone,and it will release in the coming month.So stay tuned.Thank you.

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      • JerryS
      • sci
      • 17 Apr 2022

      I've had mine since it came out. Very reliable, but heavy. I was going to upgrade to their newer phone. BUT it should have supported 5G and WiFi 6. They don't.

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        • User03
        • ybd
        • 05 Mar 2022

        This phone is trash. Works for like a couple months then just goes to complete shit. The battery drains extremely fast or it just doesn't charge or it starts to freeze or reset or it just goes to a black screen. I sent it in to get fixed once and it worked for like 3 months than went right back to having the same old issues. I will not be buying their products ever again.

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          • kad
          • Y2d
          • 03 Mar 2022

          CATKILLERS61, 08 Sep 2021I quit my manual labour job many years ago. I now live a no... morethey should be sued

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            • oskare2345
            • arT
            • 19 Nov 2021

            Ice Captain, 25 Oct 2021My Cat S61 has been down due to battery/charging issues for... moreDo you know which battery they used?

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              • Ice Captain
              • Nu6
              • 25 Oct 2021

              My Cat S61 has been down due to battery/charging issues for over a year.

              I couldn't get a new battery replacement from CAT because I lost my proof of purchase slip.
              Though, even users that had their phone batteries replaced kept complaining so I didn't bother for a battery replacement from CAT again.

              Unfortunately, even the batteries from AliExpress are of lower capacities as reported by buyers on the platform so I dumped the phone in our stores for our baby to play with it when she grow up in future.

              I was searching for something in the store and I came across cat s61 phone. Out of annoyance, I picked up the phone, dusted it, unscrewed it and removed the battery.

              I took the battery to phone technicians and asked if they know of any phone battery that have same physical size so that I can use it for replacement.
              They brought one but the terminal layout are not the same.
              I asked them to do some amendments so that it fits my phone.

              They fixed the battery and it worked.

              My cat s61 now last for 2 days of regular use.,,😃
              I'm very excited!

              I think the problem with CAT s61 is "low standard battery".
              CAT company doesn't have a good company that supply them good batteries.
              The batteries are substandard and that's why users kept complaining even after changing the batteries.

              I hope this help someone out there.

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                • bhiga
                • qFv
                • 27 Sep 2021

                Long time lurker, but registered just to be able to post this, hopefully it helps someone else!

                After about 2 years, had the same battery not charging issue that others have noted here.
                * Battery wouldn't charge, or it would charge for a couple of minutes or stop - same behavior with phone powered off or on.
                Even if when it charged, never got above about 20%
                * Tried multiple known-good chargering sources (wall adapter, car adapter, PC) and cables

                The TEMPORARY FIX:
                When plugging into USB, a notification pops up - "Android System - Charging connected device via USB" - tap it, or search Settings for "USB controlled by" or "USB preferences" (you might have to search ones or twice).
                You should get a page that has "USB controlled by" with options "Connected device" or "This device" - if it's set to "Connected device" set it to "This device" and it should start charging normally again.
                But the setting would get reset to Connected device EVERY TIME I plugged in the phone, and even if I booted up while plugged in, the battery level never got higher than 20% even if it looked like it was still charging.

                The PERMANENT FIX: (for me at least)
                My issue seems to have gone away after trying a variety of things (connecting to computer, ) carefully cleaning my phone’s USB port and charging adapter.
                It *might* have spontaneously fixed itself - I rebooted my phone - not reset, just regular reboot - and it had reset some of the launcher/etc preferences.
                But I think the core issue WAS a dirty port - there was a tiny bit of debris that prevented the plug from going all the way in, making it slightly crooked, and I think that was making phone think it was getting an OTG device connection rather than a normal connection. That may explain why sometimes thing would work if I flipped the cable around or fiddled with it a lot. Now I connect/disconnect and don't see the "Charging connected device" notification.

                This *might* be a software issue Android Pie issue in some cases, as people with other users with other phones have run into this but definitely check/clean the port. Good luck!
                (and I did read through all nearly-200 replies... the later ones are irrelevant replies from people having trouble connecting to computer, different issue)

                  Hi. Seems like theres a trend with the battery, I too am having problems with my battery as well. It worked really well for the first 8 months, then the battery issue started. The battery is not holding its power for more than a day now. I find I have to charge it every night. And the software in the phone is not corresponding with the charger at all. It’s been inspected twice after the first time it was replaced. The new one has the same problem. It’s going back to the shop for the third time. All this within 12 months of ownership.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • QXi
                    • 09 Sep 2021

                    Anonymous, 28 Apr 2021I’ve had the Cat S61 phone for a year and half, and was pre... moreBattery is easy to replace. Several videos on YouTube

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                      • CATKILLERS61
                      • amm
                      • 08 Sep 2021

                      I quit my manual labour job many years ago. I now live a normal life and I am off long-term sick after being diagnosed with PTSD. I have had five brand-new cat S 61 phones from their release to present. My current S 61 lasted me three months from new, it picks and chooses which charger and plug it would like to use each day and sometimes even goes as far as to spit them out spontaneously at the slightest movement of the table on where it's charging. Customer services have been good up to this point however I have just sent them an email telling them that we will be buying no more plant machinery in the future from them for any reason if they do not replace my cat S 61 for the fifth time but with a cat S 62 pro if the quality on that is the same I will leave Kat all together but I am hoping that the S 61 was rushed and poorly made using crappy parts because their previous phones have been okay. I've spent hundreds of thousands on cat over the years not just on phones but tablets PPE and plant machinery and everything has been fine except the S 61 which suffers with multiple issues using multiple different new units. Let's see what Kat has to say when I ask them to instead of giving me a fourth new S 61 in the past two years to give me the S 62 pro instead and we will see if the S 61 was a red herring or they are reducing the quality of the components

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                        • A Jassnicker
                        • P0b
                        • 31 Aug 2021

                        panos, 12 Jul 2020i love this phoneYou are a very lucky man! I'm not kidding.

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                          • Ed
                          • 3ci
                          • 05 Aug 2021

                          Anonymous, 10 Sep 2020I have the Cat S61. Upgraded to Android 9 no problem. Had s... moreWhat the battery resistance numbers means? Thanks

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                            • Clayton B
                            • 4N1
                            • 07 Jul 2021

                            Not Recommended

                            I've had this phone for a bit over a year and already changed one battery, now that the second battery is starting to fail and I've pretty much had it with this POS.

                            I'm a mechanic as much as I like the infrared camera for diagnostic work it wasn't worth the money I spent when I can get a far better Samsung and an external USB infrared camera for less money, the air quality monitor sensor is more of an annoyance with the constant false positive high VOC alarms, and I don't think I've ever used the distance measurement feature.

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                              • Hubo
                              • mnk
                              • 29 May 2021

                              Anonymous, 28 Apr 2021I’ve had the Cat S61 phone for a year and half, and was pre... moreNot true mate i replace it in Portugal .

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                                • BB-fan
                                • 0TI
                                • 13 May 2021

                                Anonymous, 07 May 2021I have big charging problem with my S61. Is it any new soft... moreHi.The Cat S61,will not received more update,because it's a 3 year old phone.For the battery issue,you must charge the phone,when it's shut off as device,and it will charge.Try this way,and it will function.In other case you must go where you bought the phone,or to write an email to Cat support.

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                                  • Deko
                                  • 3bm
                                  • 13 May 2021

                                  Anonymous, 07 May 2021I have big charging problem with my S61. Is it any new soft... moreI had same problem with my S60 few times,try plugin in the car charger.Works for me.
                                  Battery got back to normal.

                                    Worked fine but now the usual battery trouble is back. CAY support is utterly useless, ask for information then ignore you when you provide it. Phone now out of warranty. Total waste of money.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 3qR
                                      • 07 May 2021

                                      I have big charging problem with my S61. Is it any new software update which can help to solve this issue? Phone is 5 months old, and batterie can not be charged more than 8% after 5 hours charging. Really frustrating. I already replaced several chargers and cables but problem is same.
                                      For comparison, I had S60 four years and no any problem.

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                                        • ultrajvosa
                                        • sr%
                                        • 07 May 2021

                                        Anonymous, 28 Apr 2021I’ve had the Cat S61 phone for a year and half, and was pre... moreSame thing. Battery after two years rapidly discharge. Stupidity