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Cat S62 Pro

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  • David
  • qie
  • 28 Jun 2022

Alex, 13 May 2022Same here tmx is in hungary the repair service, but bullshit.I owned one eight or nine years ago. Warrantee service was Czech then, but I was quoted $274 at the UPS store to send it when the USPS wouldn't take a lithium battery.

I've been Kyocera since then. I wrote an extensive review of the E6921 (Factory Unlocked Duraforce Pro 2). It is hard to find- E6910 (Verizon) and less common E6920 (At&T) are much more common, but the Verizon bloatware is awful.

    I want it only for the Thermal Camera.

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      • Sumac
      • kx2
      • 25 May 2022

      This is by far the worste phone I've owned. Had the S61 and loved it. Bought another one and Cat sent me the S62 Pro as a replacement as they had no more S61's. Within 2 weeks battery failed, warrantied another speaker failed, sent me another it went black midday and refused to turn back on finally they sent me another phone and it has lasted 6 months now it to is failing, mic problems and very poor service. I will never buy another Cat phone after this experience.

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        • Alex
        • mY7
        • 13 May 2022

        Same here tmx is in hungary the repair service, but bullshit.

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          • Anonymous
          • fs}
          • 22 Apr 2022

          Jb , 19 Apr 2022Worst customer service ever have gone through 2 s62 phones ... moreSwitches off most of the time and won't turn on even if the batt

            S62 crap, 14 Apr 2022Waste of money rugged yes but better as a paper height slo... moreHahaha 🤣 thank you for your advice mate 😐

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              • Jb
              • 4qM
              • 19 Apr 2022

              Worst customer service ever have gone through 2 s62 phones in less than a month first one screen flickers so bad can't be used the second one freezes up and turns itself off all the time tried to get them to send me a loaner so these can be fixed they won't do it I asked them how r we supposed to run a business with no phones they told me not their problem I would seriously think twice of using the s62 products untill they get their glitches fixed it's a shame because they seem to be a well built phone

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                • Goodfellow
                • XVE
                • 18 Apr 2022

                Nimbus, 02 Feb 2022i'm french. Same issue on my side: phone turns off wit... moreTry factory reset.

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                  • S62 crap
                  • YaI
                  • 14 Apr 2022

                  Waste of money rugged yes but better as a paper height slow freeze's up every minute took me 20 minutes to write this message

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                    • Mikev
                    • rs5
                    • 17 Feb 2022

                    Great phone. One just has to remember that this is pure Android no mixed OS from manufacture. i moved from Samsung to Cat. Build qaulity is excellant and should be, as thats it main feature. Great cell signal with no loss of calls etc. Battery life is excellant. Very impressed with camera quality. Have taken some good photos with it. Neagtive part was me having to purchase a set of earbuds as you dont even get a jack adaptor in the box.

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                      • Nimbus
                      • mhq
                      • 02 Feb 2022

                      Anonymous, 30 Jan 2022Very disappointed with the device. Not recommended. Has man... morei'm french. Same issue on my side: phone turns off with full battery and don't restart without charger pluged...
                      Have you a solution?

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                        • Anonymous
                        • mEh
                        • 01 Feb 2022

                        Lucky, 27 Jan 2022WORKERS buy this phones, the rest will complain. No phone I... moreWhat 5 years ? This phone was released 1 year, 5 months and 2 weeks ago.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • nxw
                          • 30 Jan 2022

                          Very disappointed with the device. Not recommended. Has manufacturing defect, android 11 is not even full android 11, very poor signal and data transmission rate. Phone can turn off on 80% of battery and only way to turn it on back is to plug it into the charger... Avoid as it is not reliable.. using it now around 9 months... Thermal camera it's the only thing which is fairly working here. Rugged? Scratches and indents all over the phone bezel... From caring it with small items in pocket like a lighter. I am office worker... What can say a construction one... Seems to be meant to be for this field.... Not recommended.

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                            • Lucky
                            • pq{
                            • 27 Jan 2022

                            WORKERS buy this phones, the rest will complain. No phone I know will survive when I fell backward on my ass directly on the phone.Screen was turned inward. 5 years of bumps, falls, metal dust, vibrations and other general abuse. This telephones SHINE - for their intended use.

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                              • Redzzz
                              • r$9
                              • 22 Jan 2022

                              Customer is poor. Repair service didn't fix the problem. Would not recommend this device.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Mb}
                                • 21 Jan 2022

                                Don't buy this garbage i expend 600 dls for this trash after 2 weeks quit working

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                                  • Royt
                                  • IbE
                                  • 10 Jan 2022

                                  This phone is totally garbage.
                                  Don't buy it!

                                    Archeoptyrex, 23 Aug 2021Mine have very poor low volume microphone, is only me ? Com... moreYou went to this crap from a p30 pro?

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 4QN
                                      • 24 Dec 2021

                                      M3h2, 15 Sep 2021I purchased the cat S62 a week ago and have liked it this f... moreI bought an s62 pro about a year ago and it is the worst phone I have ever owned.

                                      Speaker blew out. Sent in for fix, now mic doesn't work and just today it decided to not turn on anymore.

                                      Total garbage.

                                      Get the Samsung x cover instead

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                                        • alex
                                        • pLZ
                                        • 07 Dec 2021

                                        to expensiv for specifications