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  • 05 Mar 2023

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2023will there be a succesor to this? you know, with FLIR camera.Hi.As what i know,Bullit is working on a sequel of the S4x series,but for the upcoming model,you must wait i think maybe until IFA 2023 in august,to know more about the new devices like the S6x series with thermal camera.Thank you.

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    • Anonymous
    • nbP
    • 02 Mar 2023

    will there be a succesor to this? you know, with FLIR camera.

      I got one of the first phones that was made and its still running strong. Dropped it from very high, like it never happened. Battery life 92%, drops around 4,2% per year. Reccommended to a friend, 2023. Has 3 times warranty replacement, has connectivity issues, garbled sound when off-road. New models components are bad. Get an used old model for reliability.

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        • Ivo
        • nwR
        • 17 Dec 2022

        Hi. Only one comment to this lovely phone. OK, two, 4000 mAh is less than 5000 mAh and echausted by the end of day. My S41 screen failed. Stripes. So now S62 Pro. Reason I write, comparision tells S41 uses LCD technology but S62 uses TFT technology.

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          • IbI
          • 12 Dec 2022

          Anonymous, 15 Sep 2022Epic monument to failure. This phone froze up on day one. I... moreHad the same problem I had to scream in speaker on 1st phone cat 62 ,

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            • 43D
            • 29 Sep 2022

            On my 4th cat s 62 replacement warranty .. shits off randomly,
            Charging issues , major dropped calls missing calls and texts regularly .. won't issue refund. Just keep sendin replacement device all same and more issue. 3 month s and I'm on 4th try phone' i assume that i will get replacement until warranty is expired buyers beware trash ...

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              • Bob
              • D1i
              • 15 Sep 2022

              Anonymous, 15 Sep 2022Epic monument to failure. This phone froze up on day one. I... moreThe S62 Pro does, so you bought the wrong phone..

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                • IbI
                • 15 Sep 2022

                Epic monument to failure. This phone froze up on day one. I was told this phone had thermal imaging. It doesn't. No one came hear you on speaker phone. It drops calls. The battery dies even when I have nothing running. It's entirely too slow. I was told I can return the phone to T-Mobile within 15 days of not satisfied. They neglected to tell me about the $72 restock fee. Can't wait to switch carriers, ditch the bill for this phone, and enjoy destroying it.

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                  • Matt99
                  • StU
                  • 05 Sep 2022

                  Slow data transfer about 7mb per second via USB c, haha. Got to take it out if you want 80mb per second!

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                    • T-Bang
                    • fXd
                    • 26 Aug 2022

                    Lucky, 27 Jan 2022WORKERS buy this phones, the rest will complain. No phone I... moreBeen I year I'm on the phone. I'm in construction and I'm careless I broke many phones. This phone works well for a rugged phone I wanted. Ok am also Fisherman and phone works well in my camp and water 💦 environment

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                      • ksa
                      • 29 Jul 2022

                      Worst phone I have ever owned. One problem after another. Very frustrating! Just don’t buy!!!!

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                        • I4r
                        • 18 Jul 2022

                        phone is garbage the worst phone iv ever owned and the most retarded phone iv ever had when it broke they didnt even have a replacement so there must be a reason for that
                        DO NOT BUY!!!

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                          • m9J
                          • 08 Jul 2022

                          So I owned S60 when it came out, owned S61 at inflated price and now own S62 Pro. S62 in some respect step backwards. I really wish bullit group would concentrate on quality rather than quantity/profit margin.... To begin with I did comparison with S61 and must say for sure S62 Pro has worse lcd display, less brightness, less colour just looks wrong. Even white levels are more orange than white... Outdoor use is just not possible.... Speakers are weak too, just poor disappointment really in expectation of some advancement in tech here. Wifi chip hardly any improvement from S61. GSM signal hardly seen much difference. GPS seems to be reasonable. Overall phone performance nothing to impress with and yes phone does heat up substantially on load. Camera whilst takes reasonable photos still lacks latest tech. Slow motion would be really handy, but CAT engineers never listen. Flash/torch is poor and way different to S61! Sticking out cameras - absolutely hate it (why not to make it flush?). Positive dedicated microsd and dual sim, usb-c, wish it had wireless charging... Sticking out buttons as per all models just seems to be complete nonsense. Phone does whatever it wants when buttons press accidentally in pocket and its mainly because they stand out!... Diamond back should be all not half... At least this time they did not bother with CAT silver labels at back which came off from S61.
                          Untouched android OS which is absolutely great and hope it continues like this. Only one programmable button and not able to program other buttons either...Yet I wasn't happy with removal of mechanical buttons at front of screen! Absolute nonsense considering space left unused under screen. Mechanical buttons allowed quick navigation with gloves on the job. Must say very disappointed with S62Pro, for those owning S61 hardly see any benefit in upgrading. It more seems like bullit group was interested in releasing more affordable version of S61 than actual upgrade for it! Considering current competition within market not sure if continue buying CAT phones as other brands do stand out these days.

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                            • David
                            • qie
                            • 28 Jun 2022

                            Alex, 13 May 2022Same here tmx is in hungary the repair service, but bullshit.I owned one eight or nine years ago. Warrantee service was Czech then, but I was quoted $274 at the UPS store to send it when the USPS wouldn't take a lithium battery.

                            I've been Kyocera since then. I wrote an extensive review of the E6921 (Factory Unlocked Duraforce Pro 2). It is hard to find- E6910 (Verizon) and less common E6920 (At&T) are much more common, but the Verizon bloatware is awful.

                              I want it only for the Thermal Camera.

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                                • Sumac
                                • kx2
                                • 25 May 2022

                                This is by far the worste phone I've owned. Had the S61 and loved it. Bought another one and Cat sent me the S62 Pro as a replacement as they had no more S61's. Within 2 weeks battery failed, warrantied another speaker failed, sent me another it went black midday and refused to turn back on finally they sent me another phone and it has lasted 6 months now it to is failing, mic problems and very poor service. I will never buy another Cat phone after this experience.

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                                  • Alex
                                  • mY7
                                  • 13 May 2022

                                  Same here tmx is in hungary the repair service, but bullshit.

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                                    • 22 Apr 2022

                                    Jb , 19 Apr 2022Worst customer service ever have gone through 2 s62 phones ... moreSwitches off most of the time and won't turn on even if the batt

                                      S62 crap, 14 Apr 2022Waste of money rugged yes but better as a paper height slo... moreHahaha 🤣 thank you for your advice mate 😐

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                                        • 19 Apr 2022

                                        Worst customer service ever have gone through 2 s62 phones in less than a month first one screen flickers so bad can't be used the second one freezes up and turns itself off all the time tried to get them to send me a loaner so these can be fixed they won't do it I asked them how r we supposed to run a business with no phones they told me not their problem I would seriously think twice of using the s62 products untill they get their glitches fixed it's a shame because they seem to be a well built phone