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Cat S75

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  • 27 Feb 2024

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2024Unix OS LMFAO. We don't use real unix anywhere anymore... moreIt's unis based...just like linux is on the forst place. And this stuff is linux based too, not really linux anymore. By the way it's name is not really linux, that's just the core. The os is called GNU. Cheers

    Cat is dead.

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      • Lxm
      • 16 Jan 2024

      Anonymous, 27 Dec 2023Change specs to Make it with Unix OS and multi os compatibi... moreUnix OS LMFAO. We don't use real unix anywhere anymore. We use Linux. Do you want it like the pinephone with barely functioning software and slow cpu😂️😂️

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        • 0pk
        • 31 Dec 2023

        Fingerprint sensor where I wanted it and specs about as good as my old note 9 seems decent enough so far, camera is pretty impressive as i expected worse than the Samsung. but i have no need for the satellite stuff so can't comment on it haven't used it

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          • DkU
          • 27 Dec 2023

          Change specs to Make it with Unix OS and multi os compatibility, e-sim, atleast dual core 4ghz cou, 16gb ram, 2tb storage, 300ppi camera omnispectrum double 3d camera ultraviolet with thermal with night imaging with telescopic, microscopic and fisheye lens front flash, surround speakers, ultrasonic infra sonic mic, side mounted fingeprint powerbutton, e-ink solar back panel, projector and cast, TV radio, reverse wireless charging with 10kmah battery, floats on water, encryped, 5g, satphones, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID,mil-std-810h,ip6869k and any other tech you can think of.

            Mikey, 21 Nov 2023Wait cat the building componay makes phones? I loked at the... moreCAT brand phones are manufactured by Bullitt

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              • Mikey
              • QWa
              • 21 Nov 2023

              Wait cat the building componay makes phones? I loked at the specs and 120hz display?!?!?!

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                • blue
                • x$x
                • 23 Oct 2023

                Rooftop Joe, 20 Oct 2023This phone supposedly works underwater. I tried using it in... morewhat happened now? is it okay? did they replace the unit? or is it a manufacturing defect?

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                  • 20 Oct 2023

                  David 040882, 24 Feb 2023Wow CAT has released a new smartphone...the first one since... moreThis phone supposedly works underwater. I tried using it in the pool (very shallow water, only a couple of mins). As soon as I did that, the problems began. First, the underwater camera mode didn't allow me to shoot anything. Then, I got a notification every few seconds for the rest of the day that there is water in the USB port and that I should not connect my phone to a charger. This made it impossible to use because it kept popping over anything I was doing and I kept having to dismiss the alert. Later, I couldn't type or lock/unlock the screen and icons kept moving around. The phone would also say I am on headphones for a fraction of a sec and then that I am not in a loop that is took forever. The phone still thinks I was using headphones the next day even though it stopped flickering. Also, after I type, it sometimes lags a bit. So yeah.

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                    • Heal.S75
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                    • 31 Aug 2023

                    They took out the only differentials (thermal camera) and stagnated in the rest.

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                      • Q{4
                      • 19 Aug 2023

                      FLIR variant please! It's what plants crave!

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                        • Pcg
                        • 11 Aug 2023

                        Why is that cpt guy having a god complex in the comments section.

                          justasmile, 04 Aug 2023Yeah, you're 'honestly agreeing' to yourself. 💀Well call it a Detour.
                          Even i in my humanoid form can do mistakes.
                          It only proves no matter how much i try to enter the godhood i am human after all.

                            IQ200, 04 Aug 2023Imagine a person replying to their own comment saying "... moreWell it only proves i am close to humans so i am making msitakes.
                            Even a divine beings can do mistakes i am not different.
                            Just call it a detour :-)

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                              • nbM
                              • 05 Aug 2023

                              when is cat releasing a new phone? as i can remember, s62 pro was the last one.
                              oh, this s75 is considered a cat phone too?

                              WHERE THE H*LL IS FLIR CAMERA???
                              KIDDING ME???

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                                • 8x@
                                • 04 Aug 2023

                                Lmao I knew that cpt guy was shady with the exchanges I had with him in the past and this just confirms it.

                                  Cpt.Power, 29 Jul 2023Honestly agree. Yeah, you're 'honestly agreeing' to yourself. 💀

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                                    • 04 Aug 2023

                                    Cpt.Power, 29 Jul 2023Honestly agree. Imagine a person replying to their own comment saying "honestly agreed".

                                    Dude, every nickname has a location code. That comment you replied to was made by YOU.

                                    Have a nice and fulfilled day Captain!

                                      Anonymous, 30 Jul 2023Just get samsung xcover 6 pro! Slightly cheaper now with m... moreif they only use 18:9 screen style i would take it in a heartbeat. it would look much better as s8 active.