Celkon A19

Celkon A19

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  • mani
  • tUq
  • 08 Dec 2013

avi, 08 Jun 2013my celkon a19 phone is restarting continously could anybod... moreGo for software updating

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    • pr
    • uvJ
    • 05 Dec 2013

    worst low on space low battery

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      • prashanth
      • w4a
      • 03 Nov 2013

      i want to change my phone andriod version can anybody help me

        • s
        • soni
        • KSe
        • 16 Oct 2013

        Can any body help me .... how can i change default storage as sd card damn its always showing me low disk space

          • k
          • kaja
          • 9Kq
          • 05 Oct 2013

          this worst mobile battery available are not

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • RK0
            • 31 Aug 2013

            contacts not display

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              • potanna
              • rAg
              • 11 Aug 2013

              very 3rd class phone battery problam&hanging

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                • ajay
                • U@Z
                • 02 Aug 2013

                afreen, 21 May 2013My sim is not being acepted wht shall i do?Its k no problem in my cellkon a98 I have the same problem I done one easy way after switch off the mob remove the battery in sim slot thre will be three pins for sim see the pin some of the pin will be pushed inside, take a small safety pin or anything to tackle the slightly upwards that the three pins should be in same height and sim should be touched fully, right now switch on enjoy.. I tried like this only it works..

                  • k
                  • kummmmmmmmm
                  • uwT
                  • 29 Jul 2013

                  this is the worst mobile that I have ever purchased, after purchasing I got frustration even if I find the manufacturer at the face of mine, I will really hit hardly

                  it is the worst assurance while purchasing the mobile,such a back ground service in entire india

                  it is the worest obligation for the society in locating your word in truth, if you lost your word in trusting the people

                  how can you run the business

                  I lost everything,even I frustrated myself for purchasing the mobile

                  worst guys worst business techniques

                    • A
                    • Avinash
                    • 7wx
                    • 26 Jul 2013

                    Realy i did not saw this type of 3rd class mobile...
                    heavy amount... we need to go always service centre

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                      • chandu
                      • uvv
                      • 16 Jul 2013

                      It is worst mobile phone in celkon products.. restart again and again.. duel sims are not working... in my handset files are not transferble to bluetooth.

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                        • Amrtanshu
                        • uva
                        • 13 Jul 2013

                        AnonD-111283, 10 Feb 2013when not switch on celkone mobile please info...me?!1My phone is not switching on
                        it is getting restarted again and again
                        i have switched it on many times but of no use

                          • y
                          • yugander
                          • Xu}
                          • 08 Jul 2013

                          Worst cell company in ap.celkon a19 battery not available plsss listen to me plsss solve my problem next time i will can't buy celkon any mobile kindly solved

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • rAe
                            • 02 Jul 2013

                            its one of the damid mobile in the world i just cangt expect that price for this mobile and i m fed up working with this mobile and i m decided not to buy any celkon product and i suggested my friends not to buy this products

                              • c
                              • chanty yadav
                              • u{J
                              • 20 Jun 2013

                              No battery backup ...
                              its one of the waste mobile in india
                              if it has battery backup then its best mobile in india

                                • a
                                • avi
                                • U$4
                                • 08 Jun 2013

                                AnonD-111283, 10 Feb 2013when not switch on celkone mobile please info...me?!1my celkon a19 phone is restarting continously could anybody thre 2 hlp me.....maheshbabutrash@gmail.com

                                  • i
                                  • iqbal
                                  • uvu
                                  • 25 May 2013

                                  i am my mobil{a19} factory data reseted than after no sho play store i wanto play store how can mek telmeee

                                    • a
                                    • afreen
                                    • PAY
                                    • 21 May 2013

                                    My sim is not being acepted wht shall i do?

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                                      • GM
                                      • KA5
                                      • 16 May 2013

                                      AnonD-89528, 15 Dec 2012Hi am purchased A19 last week .i couldn't set separate ring... moreSelect Setting to task manager and select ES File Manager and clear set as default.

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                                        • adi
                                        • KSf
                                        • 16 May 2013

                                        good morning,celkon a19 mobile.which is good mobile when compare to payment but authorized centres are waste.i sure this one please don't blame customers. why because i can recently went to authorized centre,ask to them,my mobile display is damaged,houmuch it is asking like this ,they are respoue its cost is2200rupees ,but same authorized centre in kurnoo ,they are tell 1600rupees ,inthose which is authorized?