Celkon AR45

Celkon AR45

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  • srikanth

I'd like to get the compatible battries

  • suri

vga camera is better than this mobile camera

  • naidu

waste phone so many switched off the phone battery is not good.

  • Anonymous

Worst phone ever...!! And the company response is also very bad..

  • ATUL

This company response and service is very bad and the accessories of this handset is verry rearest ...............................................................

  • Narendra

this celkon 45 is getting data aromatically active worst mobile

  • prane

all celkon phones is worst , and customer services is not there

  • chaitanaya

its worrest phone because battery is very weak,so many times its hanging ,company responce very slow,its better only for internet & supplorts everything ..........

  • sai

it was OK for me sometimes problem with charger sometimes it was good beeter than Samsung celkon AR45 black is some times good

  • aju

very bad battery backup.. camera clarity is too low and internal memory is only 1 GB .. only good for internet browsing... over heating is the main prob.. plz don't buy this..

  • chand basha

am purchased celkon ar 45 in last year i faced so many problems in one year, Touch,charger cables, over heat,service is very poor they charge even in Warranty Period Worst Phone in India No Long LIfe Phone ,Dont Want Purchase In My Life Again...

  • Anonymous

waste phone battery is dead waste no battery back up at all and no replacement available for the battery

  • Anonymous


  • parshu

provide service centers

  • Anonymous

Worst phone in the world.

It is not even worth for Rs.1000/-.

Please dear all dont buy this phone. i am already suffering with this phone. Rs 6000/- i lost.


  • moses

kiran, 09 Jun 2014This is the worst mobile I have ever used, before buying ar... more
worlds worst phone award can be give to this waste phone. they give on box 5 mega pixel.but it is picture size. but not clarity.

battery worst.

no service

after selling the shopkeeper never come forward to help or to assist.

never ever purchase celkon in your life.

i have decided and informed to all my collegues more than 300 people.

  • venki

for internet use it is working good. big screen and fast response . camera quality is not good .it may equal nokia 1.3 p camera

  • Anonymous

kiran, 09 Jun 2014This is the worst mobile I have ever used, before buying ar... moreYah I agree with kiran

  • rahaman

camera average ,&sound is dual speakers exlent qwelity up&down speakers

  • kiran

This is the worst mobile I have ever used, before buying ar45 just check its 1)5 mp camera its worst than the 2 mp camera of branded mobiles(2)it does not support 3g if we set the signal to 3g it shows no signal n if u want to contact customer care at 18004250077 I will challenge 1 lakh if it all they bother to answer u.3)the memory in the phone is only 1 GB as said against 4 gb(4).if u can afford more 2k than celkon mobiles u can buy any branded mobiles I mean the price range is also not good, finally its better u buy a China mobile if at all u want to buy celkon at any cost.I have suffered a lot and does not want anyone to suffer like me.