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Celkon i4

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This is shameless, they just slightly changed the iPhone 4 hardware, and they didn't even change the os, it has IPOD in one of the apps.

  • Celkon i4

how to hard rest celkon i4. plz tell me frnds

  • srinadh dany

sathya celkoni4, 21 Aug 2015ple tell me friends how to buy celkon i4 touch from online my mobile repair in touch pad not working many shop I will go not repair

  • sathya celkoni4

s.jaffer, 03 Sep 2014celkon i4 tachuple tell me friends how to buy celkon i4 touch from online

  • chakri

ram ki, 18 Mar 2014i want panel for celkon i4i want panel for celconi4


i need display

  • s.jaffer

Ansar, 11 Mar 2014I want celkon i4 panel....Plscelkon i4 tachu

  • santoo

i need display

  • chandu

phone is nice & net was very slow downloading videos failuered

  • ram ki

i want panel for celkon i4

  • Ansar

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2012it looks like iphone I want celkon i4 panel....Pls

  • Kiran

pravu, 14 Dec 2012worst mobile,so dont purchase it.worse quality software use... moreHttp file does not support i want net connection

  • Anonymous

this is the worst phone ever, rubbish bat life, screen size too smal, camera is not good enough.... oh wait this isnt the Iphone 5 is it?

  • Greven

sam, 28 Jun 2012good one True story bro. True story. Stole mine from an old lady, and i'm realy satisfied.

  • Anonymous

how to acess internet how to download games

  • nandhu

done, 08 Dec 2012my celkon i4 screen is broken.......can u tell me how shoul... moretouch will not get anywhere its range b/w 800 to 1200

  • Venkat Karyampudi

How can i connect my phone as modem...........
How can i find the device drivers..................

  • AnonD-125988

how to access internet no options are availabale

  • AnonD-125988

hey can u please say how to add facebook on celkon i4 plzzzzzz

  • Saahill....

LoL.. y is Apple not suing this shi**y Celkon for patent, why arec they behing sammy..?

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