Chatbot support to hit Samsung Galaxy S9 Messages app soon

Ricky, 01 May 2018

In 2018, we are expecting for RCS to make a global rollout as the default messaging experience for Android devices. There have been several developments regarding RCS over past several years, but the most progress we’ve seen has happened in the past year or so.

XDA-Developers reports of a Discord member who managed to update his AT&T Samsung Galaxy S9 to a leaked version of the firmware with the May security patch. In this, he found that the Messages app brought chatbot support which let you communicate with an automated bot from a company for things like checking into a flight or getting the latest news. Kind of like how Facebook Messenger has been doing for at least a couple of years now.

So far, the leaked Messenger app supports chatbots from 1-800-Flowers, 385Scores, CNN, HereWeGo Chat, SkyScanners, and Walgreens – to name a few. An XDA member was able to talk to the CNN chatbot and shared some screenshots with XDA. You can ask for daily news and request breaking news alerts.

Via XDA Developers Via XDA Developers Via XDA Developers
Via XDA Developers

So far, it only works with the AT&T variant of the Galaxy S9, but other carriers are sure to support it soon after. Still, it isn’t an official feature since the update hasn’t arrived to the public. Check out the Source link below for more screenshots.

As far as RCS goes, Google has said that “Chat” (which is based on the RCS Profile) will be switched on in carriers all over the globe over the next 12-18 months.



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"isn't not"? Double negative gsma? 12-18 months is too much. Google, the Lord of failure.

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samsung and swoftware feature - well need to know how to disable that when they roll out

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Well.....all "forever alone" community, will be glad to have that XD.