ChatGPT's app for iOS gains Siri and Shortcuts integration

Ro, 08 June 2023

After being on Apple's App Store for only a few weeks, OpenAI's ChatGPT app for IOS gains a couple of neat new features, including deeper integration with Siri and Shortcuts. Additionally, the app is now optimized for iPads as well and runs in full-screen.

ChatGPT's app for iOS gains Siri and Shortcuts integration

Shortcut allows you to create a custom ChatGPT prompt in Shortcuts and save it. It can then be linked with other apps and execute an action. For instance, you can save the answer to the prompt in Notes or send it via a messaging app automatically. Or you can ask Siri to do that for you.

The drag-and-drop feature enabled across Apple's devices can now be used with ChatGPT's app as well. Just drag and drop the response from ChatGPT to other apps.

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Reader comments

  • DeepIn2U
  • 17 Jun 2023
  • raP

You're talking BS. I have a MBP 2018 i7 which is STILL supported for the upcoming macOS to be released. released in 2018 its now 2023 that's 5yrs fully. After it'll drop OS support and in 1yr+ thereafter (on year 7) it'll...

  • AnonD-864404
  • 10 Jun 2023
  • X%x

Android version is coming too.

  • Run
  • 10 Jun 2023
  • fI{

this may allow Apple's effectiveness to save your Question and Interest.

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