Chea 188

Chea 188

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  • Mike

I use this phone some wile ago and had no complains about it. Is a good phone

  • Martin Gore

Just another "pertinent" opinion! You should learn to respect other's opinions. And just try Chea 188, who knows you might like it!?

  • Anonymous

I'm starting to thing that chea mobiles hipnotyze the users, how can someone trade a symbian/color/camera phone for a weak phone like this and say that he is very happy? What a dumb! this is just impossible! this is really ugly, I bet that is the woman who wash the toillets tha design this peace of crap!

  • Anonymous

Nice and realible!

  • Anonymous

F***k CHEA-P- and everybody that likes them

  • Anonymous

mister CHEA employee... i am surprised that you actually sell phones!

People if you look to your left of the screen you will see a whole list of phones that are better... just ignore CHEA!

  • Gore Martin

Got one last week, it's so god damn good nearly perfect mobile phone. I just want that everybody knows that I put behind all Nokia's gay mobiles and become a big fan of Chea! Trade my 7560 for this one and I love it! I'm so impress that I cannot belive that I was blinding so many years by stupid Nokia, when not far away was the beautyfull Chea trade mark craftmen, with all incredible terminals. Best spend money a ever did!!!

  • Anonymous

u are a bastard from this stupid company, thats y u speak for them.

  • Anonymous

I really love CHEA!!!! - from a CHEA emloyee

  • sotha sot

hello Chea thank you for your phones
this is great to have you in communication Bizz i want to let you know that i am so prond to have one just last be honest i like Chea 188 the best because of night light so good but the battery go so sonn what should i do in order to keep longer stand by please advise.
i love CHEA mobile phones can you tell me what is mean CHEA??????????Chaaaaacheeee
that all folk

  • peter smith

i has one i love this one very good quality