Chea 218

Chea 218

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  • Anonymous

Motorola, SE and samsung have sued these guys, because they stole their ideas, goto and take a look!

  • Anonymous

Man, the one and only 218 really made my every day sining! Cool display, friendly OS, very pleasant poly rings. You cannnot ask for more!!! Ah... I almoust forgot: GTA suckx! Big time!

  • GTA

what goes around comes around J Chea... maybe one day you'l get the chance to use a actual mobile and you will think what a loser YOU actually are...

  • Johnny Chea

Some loser I guess! Nevermind him and all the crap he said!

  • Whatz up?!

Who is this GTA caracter?! All he can do is waste anyone else time!

  • GTA


Someone seems to like CHEA so much that they left feedback for every single phone:

CHEA 198: Nicer then 7210 at 2004-04-28 13:06:15

CHEA 168 What copycat?! Beats the hell out of 8310 by far! At 2004-04-28 13:10:31

CHEA JMS-110 Wow, fall inlove with it! Looks very expensive! How much is it... hope under 400 euros, 'cose i'm planing to buy it! At 2004-04-28 13:03:37

CHEA 228 Well done Chea! Destroy the supremacy of Nokia and Samsung! Keep it up! Keep it comin' At 2004-04-28 13:05:36

CHEA 178 Actually looks very nice! Give it 8 out of 10! At 2004-04-28 13:07:45

And I can go on. And on and on… If you see closely they were all posted 28-04-2004-04-28 between 13:03 and 13:10. You can check it if you like..

  • GTA

an no stupid answers like: they are just awesome or they beat everybody... be honest with me.

  • GTA

Chea Wong do you work for CHEA or are you a fanatic? Also can you tell me why you think these/your phones can compare to SE/Nokia/Samsung/NEC/Innostream/etc?

  • Chea Wong

Awesome micowave! Where from?

  • GTA

crappy shit... I have a microwave with more functions...

  • Lee Thae Ho

So plase with it! I'm planing to keep this one as far as I could!

  • Anonymous

Why don't you build cameras into phones?

  • GTA

i see they still don't have camera technology...

  • Anonymous

i can't come up with anything crappy to say... it actually looks ok for a change...

  • Mr chea

it so sparkly it catch eyes, will be best friend

  • Angelinna

So cute, I wanna buy one! I'm ofering 250 euros for it! Anyone?!

  • jack

at last u came up with some new design huh

  • Anonymous

Superb display and inteligent concept for menus! Well done Chea!

  • NoMAcK

Finally these bastards did something cool for a change....

  • Chea Wong

Yes eman, we can install all arabic language for free!