Chea 318

Chea 318

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  • cutie

GTA, 27 Apr 2004F***K you CHEA and Frost. So i'm talking rubbish eh? If you... morewhats your problem?// if u don't like it.. then don't buy it... that simple... duhh!!!

  • Erk

Waowww!! What's this??? A mobile??

  • ~shun~

Reminds me of Nokia's 8310.

  • ataky

they miss 1 letter in the name the p CHEAP!!

  • Anonymous

Chea is the mofo of all mobile!

  • Anonymous

Eyes caching beauty...

  • Anonymous

No man, the real B O M B is 169! 318 is almost perfect, but 169 is far better!

  • Anti piracy guy

Yet another 'Chee Bye' phone.

  • Startac

My old Startac is better

  • Some Independent Wom

Some of you would disagree but all I can say is the phone is the bomb!!!

  • Le Chea Kayo

what a phone, it makes me want to puke. great work, really, great work of shit

  • Sebring Tec

Very handy and trendy looks. But only one downside: the price!

  • Le Chea Kayo

Cloning must be baned!

  • GTA

Monica, Henry, Talia give up i've figured you out in this text i have prepared. It's pathetic that just ONE guy tries to defend CHEA from people like me...


Someone seems to like CHEA so much that they left feedback for every single phone:

CHEA 198: Nicer then 7210 at 2004-04-28 13:06:15

CHEA 168 What copycat?! Beats the hell out of 8310 by far! At 2004-04-28 13:10:31

CHEA JMS-110 Wow, fall inlove with it! Looks very expensive! How much is it... hope under 400 euros, 'cose i'm planing to buy it! At 2004-04-28 13:03:37

CHEA 228 Well done Chea! Destroy the supremacy of Nokia and Samsung! Keep it up! Keep it comin' At 2004-04-28 13:05:36

CHEA 178 Actually looks very nice! Give it 8 out of 10! At 2004-04-28 13:07:45

And I can go on. And on and on… If you see closely they were all posted 28-04-2004-04-28 between 13:03 and 13:10. You can check it if you like..

  • Monica

I think that now is time to ban this GTA loser! Woun't you agree? Don't waste the time tring to argue with him, he's just plain stupid, that's all!

  • GTA

F***K you CHEA and Frost. So i'm talking rubbish eh? If you look at your fucking CHEA you will see what the real rubbish around here is!! And F***K you CHEA user, i compare your shitty little brand whoever i like!!!

  • Henry Frost

GTA adore to hear himself talking, moust of the time just rubish!

  • CHEA

GTA don't you think it's a bit unfair to compare our beloved 318 against something like NEC or Sharp? NEC and Sharp are two of the most advanced brands in the industry. CHEA just make cheerful userfriendly phones for all markets but NEC and Sharp only offer expensive high-end models. i really love my 318 but i don't even try to compare it to a brand like that. who agrees with me?

  • GTA

Henry your right. NEC and Sharp are nothing near this. they are a few classes higher. i mean the 318 is really a budget phone for kids to play with. NEC and Sharp are High-end phones with style and technology. Since we all know that it's a bit unfair against CHEA to compare it to a NEC or Sharp , can you just tell me what you guys think is so good about it?

  • Anonymous

don't believe this guy, NEC and Sharp and any other brand are much better than CHEAPCOMM and there F***KING phones.