All about the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge [VIDEO]

Kaloyan, 25 February, 2016

We got our hands on a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in Barcelona and had some time to play with it. You bet we took it for a walk around the beautiful Catalan city and snapped quite a few shots with its camera.

We find the S7 edge quite an attractive and capable fella, and it left us with very positive impressions. The same goes for its camera, which introduces ground-breaking auto-focus tech.

We already have a pretty detailed article up online, but we're proud to show you the phone on video.

Reader comments

  • josh
  • 27 Feb 2016
  • ICa

You played with all day, how was the battery life?

  • Anonymous
  • 27 Feb 2016
  • 9GH

So not wanting to get the latest and greatest device makes them a fanboy? maybe their current UI is better for them and they like the feel of it. TouchWiz ain't for all of us

  • anon
  • 27 Feb 2016
  • jq9

OMGG So excited for this phoneI (Coming from the S4) But I don't whether to get the edge or the normal because seems like it could be annoying imagine watching movies or something like that? I cant decide whether to get the gold or black color either...

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