Check out this hands-on with Oppo’s new under-display camera

Yordan, 05 August 2021

Oppo introduced yesterday its second-generation under-display camera technology, and now we get to see a hands-on video of a prototype. He says the camera is essentially invisible no matter of angle, light refraction or different colors, displayed on the screen.

He also demoed how the camera performs - the preview looks wonky with light spilling and the image appearing blurry, but once a photo or video is captured, computational photography improves it quite a lot. Check out the whole video below:

The vlogger revealed the camera might be visible in certain scenarios with a slight shadow in the display area. However, it is “very small” and colors aren’t such an issue.

While the size of the prototype looks neat and Song x3 explained how he loved smaller devices that fit in the hand, Oppo is yet to put its under display camera on an actual working smartphone, available to the masses. ZTE is already on the second generation with its Axon 30 5G and it would be great for Oppo to join the race as well.

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