Chromium OnePlus 3T spotted in the wild

05 April 2017

Today we received a tip about a OnePlus 3T with Chromium body - another color option after the latest announcement of Midnight Black.

The images clearly show the camera and the OnePlus logo on the back, along with the antenna bands. This means it isn't painted or coated, but we have an entirely new back panel. On the bottom, all the inputs are there as well - the 3,5mm audio jack, the USB-C and the speaker.

The shiny back also suggests another option - overly polished Gunmetal Grey panel, but that would be hard to achieve without scraping off the logo.

If this is indeed real image of upcoming Chromium OnePlus 3T, this might be a dab to the Sony Xperia XZ Premium - the latest flagship with Chrome body.