Clubhouse now available globally on Android

Prasad, 22 May 2021

Clubhouse has arrived on Android. The company, who had initially started a slow rollout, has announced that it is now available globally.

The app works pretty much exactly the same as it does on iOS. This means you still need an invite from someone to be able to start using the service but the good thing is that all existing users get multiple invites to give out so there's plenty of those going around at the moment.

Clubhouse is a social networking service that allows users to host a virtual room, where they can then talk with other users. Users who follow you but are not assigned as a speaker can still join this room as a listener. The host of the room can then allow any of the listeners to become a speaker.

Clubhouse now available globally on Android

The Clubhouse experience has often been seen as listening to a podcast but with a more interactive element. Unlike a podcast, however, Clubhouse streams are live. More importantly, they are not saved so only those who logged in to listen are privy to the conversation.

Clubhouse launched over a year ago as an iOS-only app. Since then, the service shot to popularity and has since been copied by many. Most famously, Twitter recently added an identical feature called Spaces. Of course, Twitter made it available to everyone pretty quickly and also without requiring any invite.

It's likely that this is what caused Clubhouse to finally accelerate its Android app launch process. Regardless, the app is here, in case you've been waiting for it.



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data spying

  • Anonymous

Asocial clubhouse, they really think Android side cares. May be a few...

Nobody cares for any of those apps :’D I see you really had to reach very desperately to bring such low caliber apps up as your examples, poor try and poor effort buddy. My point remains valid. :)

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