Concept Nokia S60 applications showcased

26 Oct, 2007

At a Nokia event held at Oulu, Finland, more potential applications of Nokia S60 smartphones have been showcased with live demos. Most of them are Internet-centric, which clearly states the future of mobiles as Nokia sees it.

Among the most interesting applications presented at the "The way to live next" event is the Point and Find - an exciting application for your camera-equipped S60 mobile. You shoot what you are facing and the device fetches real-time information from the Internet. The Shoot to Translate is another useful application that allows you to capture words in foreign languages and translate them in real time.

Nokia - The Way We Live Next event Nokia - The Way We Live Next event
"Point and Find" and "Shoot to Translate" applications demo

Nokia also showcased the so-called widgets for mobile phones. They are mini applications which bring favorite web content to your mobile phone for free. The service is offered by and since it's Java based it can work on your regular Java phone as well. Among the most popular widgets are the mobile versions of YouTube, Flickr, Ebay, Wikipedia, IMDb, and various weather forecast and news services.

Nokia - The Way We Live Next event Nokia - The Way We Live Next event Nokia - The Way We Live Next event
Several Widset widgets demos

Another showcased concept S60 application allows remote controlling of a fully automated home. An intriguing use of your S60 mobile phone will be also the car data monitoring which delivers live data on the vehicle working parameters. An experimental Ask Your Mobile application allows you to ask your Nokia whatever question you want in free text.

Nokia - The Way We Live Next event Nokia - The Way We Live Next event Nokia - The Way We Live Next event
Remote control your home, Car Data Monitoring and Ask Your Mobile applications demo

Nokia also demonstrated the Mobile Web Server, a beta lab application that makes the mobile device function as an Internet server, making it possible for people to access content on their mobile remotely from a web browser on another device, or to allow other people to do so.

Nokia - The Way We Live Next event
The Mobile Web Server for S60 devices


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