Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy S IV to use PowerVR SGX 544 graphics

12 March, 2013

Samsung unveiled the Exynos 5 Octa platform a while ago, but it didn't specify the graphics it used. With the Exynos 5 chipset (the one inside the Nexus 10) Samsung used the ARM's Mali T604 GPU chips.

Today Imagination Technologies announced its PowerVR SGX 544 graphics has been used in the Samsung 5410 Octa chipset, which will be powering the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV.

The Power VR SGX 544 GPU is available in three-core (544MP3) and quad-core (544MP4) configurations and AnandTech believes the first of those will be ticking inside the Galaxy S IV. We'll know for sure in two days' time when the official announcement comes.

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Reader comments

  • anonymous

Buy your SGS 4 and stop hating everyone else who doesn't have a samsung phone or phone with eight cores or more.

  • AnonD-87222

I think some of you guys don't understand a couple of things: - This GPU is SGX544 clocked at 533mhz. The Iphone 5's GPU is SGX543 clocked at 200mhz. - This phone's screen resolution is still lower than Ipad 4s resolution while the performa...

  • OpCraig

It says Smartphone picture isn't definitve

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