Confirmed: the Oppo Pad 2 will actually use the Dimensity 9000, will have up to 512GB storage

Oppo will unveil the new Find X6 flagship series and its second gen tablet tomorrow and we thought we knew what to expect – after all, that Oppo Pad 2 score on Geekbench seemed legit and it showed a Snapdragon 888 chipset, not a Dimensity 9000 as some earlier rumors suggested. Well, Oppo just flipped the script on us – the new tablet will actually use the MediaTek chip.

You can see it in this teaser image, which also shows 512GB of UFS 3.1 storage. Presumably this is the maximum capacity, but we’re already looking at something much higher end than Oppo’s first gen slates.

The Oppo Pad 2 will be powered by the Dimensity 9000 with up to 512GB storage

For comparison, the original Oppo Pad was powered by the Snapdragon 870 and had 128GB or 256GB storage. The Pad Air had a Snapdragon 680 and 64/128GB storage. While the 9000 isn’t the latest flagship offering from MediaTek (there’s the 9000+ and 9200), it’s more modern than the Snapdragon 888.

Based on previous leaks, we expect Oppo to reveal new accessories for the tablet – a new stylus and a keyboard. As for the slate itself, it should have an 11.6” 144Hz LCD and a 9,500mAh battery with 67W charging, though Oppo is yet to confirm those – that will happen tomorrow afternoon in China at the latest.

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Remembering that there is the Oppo Pad Air on there, is likely to see a sequel, so... maybe that pad might have the SD 888 inside?

MediaTek and Xiaomi are leading the smartphone industry (both dominate charts in smartphone sales and marketshare) so you're wrong.

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Trusted environment in MediaTek and Xiaomi is a disaster for users bad engendered on all levels