Coolpad Cool S

Coolpad Cool S

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  • Licia

Steph, 04 Mar 2021do not buy this phone it is trash. all cool pads are trash.... moreWhy are you so negative? Does it not look like Tecno and Infinix? Are they better than cooload?

This is a complete Huawei P Smart 2021 rip-off! Huawei should sue them..

RandomPiash, 15 Jan 2021why isnt there "become a hater" button..i just ha... morehater button should be for people like you that just leave negative comments and wine and complain in every post nigerians like you should be always gonna be pissed

  • Steph

do not buy this phone it is trash. all cool pads are trash. speakers are garbage phone didn't hold a chare after 2 months. phone drops call cant always pick up my internet. keep cutting off in the middle of calls an games. i repeat dont but this phone. trash all cool pads are trash

  • hi

Its huawei P Smart 2021 just rebranded to coolpad attleast it have google services lmao

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

If the price is right that is not terrible! :3

Nice Huawei P40 wallpaper.

  • James

Copied phone from huawei P40.

Huawei P40 Wallpaper??

why isnt there "become a hater" button..i just hate the policy of this company. omfg 0.3mp depth

  • Anonymous

That looks like Huawei's wallpaper.

  • Coolpafhater101

This is brutal. 0.3 mp depth. Just die already coolpad...

Ok. Same P40 wallpaper. Similar looking camera module.

  • Anonymous

Wooow 0.3 mpx depth :)

"0.3 MP, (depth)" Mother of god...