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  • a1sports
  • Iby
  • 15 Sep 2023

This is one of the phones that are purely only good for like in the movies when a hitman or whatever uses it as a bomb detonator, this is not even worthy for drug trafficker who needs a disposable phone (nokia HMD phones fit that bill better)

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    • Pixel 5 User
    • IBq
    • 12 Oct 2022

    This device is bare bones. I've had it for...I think 4 years, maybe longer. Got it for free actually. I use it for work and it's been alright for my purposes. So I realized immediately when I got this device most of the software needed to be purged because it has few resources. Replaced most required apps like the browser, Navigation and on-screen keyboard with the lightest programs I could find and deleted everything else. It's not fast but since I made those changes it's worked well. Honestly this phone should have launched with Android GO. But If you have the know how, you can turn this into a dirt cheap rugged work phone. It old now but lives on.

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      • Just A Guy
      • IbE
      • 24 Aug 2022

      Tsm_Ice_Cream, 13 Sep 2018I like this phone,I had it for 1 yearI Really liked this phone because it was my first phone ever I had it for 2-4 Years. There were small problems here and there but it wasn't a major issue for me and it's kind of funny reading the other comments on here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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        • Coolpad Defiant
        • YiS
        • 25 Jun 2022

        Worst phone I've ever had! The touchpad won't work most of the time, Who would've thought 8GB was enough at the time of release? Even Samsung and Vizio could do better than that! The camera will not work when I'm outside in broad daylight. Bad for gaming, My frame per second expectancy was about 3.9fps. Not even a single phone could only handle 3 fps during this crappy marketing thing. I wanted to try FM Radio apps, They all never worked, 53 I DOWNLOADED!!! Then I wanted to go onto Google and it said "Error occured." Every time it says that. I wish I never wasted my money on this garbage.

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          • Anonymous
          • kuC
          • 08 Feb 2022

          Worst phone I've ever had, who in their right mind thought 8gb storage would be enough at the time?

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            • Harretick Jibayaton
            • Ibx
            • 28 Oct 2021

            Bullshit phone! My store during island riots was close to the riot zone and I try to use FM on this garbage phone to listen to the news because mobile throttle me for 1.5 GB usage and there is no FM! You are lucky I have a backup phone Samsung Galaxy Prime has FM and I have transistor AM FM radio! Coolpad you are shit fools! Unlike Vivo or Apple with their beautiful storefronts, a Coolpad store would be a shitty dingy room that is a prison commissary with a window to order tears inducing cell phones, I hate Coolpad!

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              • spike
              • kuC
              • 24 Mar 2021

              Honestly in my opinion, I don't recommend buying this phone now, it's not worth the money, as for someone who owned this phone since late 2017, It's pretty sluggish, screen freezes from time to time making it near impossible to use. This was is also my first phone, And since Android 7 isn't supported anymore is also another reason not to buy this phone.

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                • N8
                • j}a
                • 02 Jan 2021

                Funny how after 1year of owning phone and not just one phone but 2 of the same phones, both screens are freezing up while using and you need to turn phone off and back on to use the screen. Can't be a memory issue because it's happening to both phones, could possibly be the carrier sending signals to freeze the phone?? Metro pcs is my carrier, I had cut service to one phone and it worked normal and as soon as I had the service restored it started having an issue 🤔

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                  • margie
                  • j$Q
                  • 19 Sep 2020

                  we are seniors in our 80's the darn thing freezes cant get the thing back on after a 5 hr charge this is my hubands phone .all he wanted was a phone that has three telephone numbers the dr.our daughter and me
                  .he hates it .mine a lg i love it we haello and good bye on it with 3 phone numbers we pay 76 84 we find this so expensive we have the plan with koodoo 7684 that is a lot of money for just plain phones

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                    • AnonD-942969
                    • sac
                    • 03 Jul 2020

                    From my experiences, this is the kind of phone that's best suited for a backup or for making calls and texts. It's definitely sturdy because I dropped it a couple times and got a couple dents and chipped a corner but I'll say the charging port might break based off of the fact that back before I had a soldiering kit, I replaced the daughter-board and found that bad design was a reason. Other than that, it's decent for what I say what the phone is meant for.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • q$L
                      • 11 May 2020

                      Anonymous, 17 Jul 2017Would rather get a Moto E over thisI have both the Moto sucks

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                        • Odyssey 48
                        • 43A
                        • 01 Dec 2019

                        The worst Phone I ever had.It freezes .I have problems with my ringtones so I miss 90 percent of my calls .When I'm on a call it cuts off on me.

                          EVERYBODY knows this phone stinks. I won't boor you with the details. It is slow and heavy. It is also a very tough piece of equipment. I can't tell you how many times I have slammed it against a wall and it still works! I will keep it until doesn't.

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                            • Tsm_Ice_Cream
                            • NCS
                            • 13 Sep 2018

                            I like this phone,I had it for 1 year

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                              • AnonD-665134
                              • 9DH
                              • 01 Mar 2018

                              The best phone I've ever used, great screen good for viewing all angles, it's so good I mistake it for a Quad HD display instead of a Quarter HD display. The processor is blazing fast! I can literally play any game on the Play Store on this phone. Great cameras, awesome battery life and good use of the new Operating System which is is Nougat. Coolpad, keep pushing out phones like this, especially ones as premium as this.

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                                • Santiphone
                                • qpF
                                • 09 Feb 2018

                                I hate it, 11 Jan 2018Literally the worst Android ever, these types of phone is w... moreI agree it's the pit worst phone build. worst phone Metro is providing.

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                                  • I hate it
                                  • Ibx
                                  • 11 Jan 2018

                                  Literally the worst Android ever, these types of phone is what give Android a bad name

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • jGC
                                    • 29 Dec 2017

                                    I hate this phone

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                                      • hawiguy56
                                      • qGX
                                      • 17 Nov 2017

                                      worst phone I've ever had.

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                                        • deepak
                                        • 7XP
                                        • 25 Jul 2017

                                        bloody f**k the coolpad company, pathatic customer service don't buy coolpad mobiles, if you buy definately you will post the opinion like me in next 5 months.