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Coolpad Legacy

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  • Nelly tech

The phone is very good my problem is that the phone is edge 2g network

  • Ambertgrl29

Someone says doesn't connect to residential wi-fi. That is crazy mine does.

  • DJ

Jennifer, 09 Feb 2021Cool pads are NOT phones I would recommend to anyone!! They... morethat is completely false

  • Anonymous

Nanci , 24 Jan 2021This phone has been the best phone i Can not think of anyth... moreDoes it connect to your home wifi? I saw a comment saying it doesn't connect to residential wifi

  • Jennifer

Cool pads are NOT phones I would recommend to anyone!! They only connect to a Business WiFi and not residential!! And I have tried to get in contact with this company and have yet to hear anything from them!!

  • Nanci

This phone has been the best phone i Can not think of anything that is good enough that u could say or do to let people know how great this phone has been it's I have dropped it I have dropped it in puddles of water and milk didn't even phase it like I said I can go on forever and it still won't be good enough please keep up the great work THANK U CHINA

  • qt Blood

I really love it great quality and everything it's just my opinion so try them out I'ma stick with the coolpad phones for. Now

  • Dan

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2020My Boyfriend and I both just got the Coolpad Legacy phones ... moreMaybe because there's a bunch of carrier bloatware pre-installed on your phone. Try uninstalling those apps if you don't need them to save up space.

  • alaa ameen

I have a coolpad cp370as phone and there is a problem that the sim card is not available please give me solutions to the problem
We wish you progress and prosperity
Location Yemen

  • Clint Beastwood

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2020My Boyfriend and I both just got the Coolpad Legacy phones ... moreBuy an SD card. Hope this helps!

  • Anonymous

My Boyfriend and I both just got the Coolpad Legacy phones for around $40 each at Wal-Mart 2 days ago. Great price and not bad phones at all. But looking at the internal storage space; we both only have 16 GB of storage, instead of the 32 GB described article. Am I reading this correctly or is this a different edition or something, I'm wondering. Any help appreciated.

  • Olu folly

osam5, 25 Mar 2020It's between budget and mid-range. After almost a year rele... moreCoolpad is good phone

  • osam5

Anonimato, 22 Feb 2020Is the Coolpad Legacy mid-range?It's between budget and mid-range. After almost a year release, it's still on Google Android v.9, and recently applied security patch dated March.1,2020. I got this for 80 bucks when it was released as sale, but after 2 months later was given away as free by Metro-PCS. I had it unlocked 3 months ago and yes I still use it for the viewing it offers - much better than my other Motorola Z3 (faster CPU, more RAM and twice storage). It's a keeper as a 2nd/backup phone for me - on/off uses.

  • Anonymous

Loved it, everything I needed without the huge price. Nice big screen, performed fairly well. Only one problem and I call it the curse of the cool coolpad legacy. It seemed to be a little too smart kind of one step ahead of me. If I text something unkind about a person to someone else and clearly checked the recipient, once I sent the text, the receiver changed to the person I was talking about. Made random calls to my contacts at all hours and once when I was at my boyfriend's I text my daughter to come pick me up, left the room to get ready... came back and noticed a link on my messages with my daughter. I thought she sent it to me but no my phone sent it to her. When I clicked the link it was the Google map to my boyfriends house. When I finally got a new phone, I went to log into my carrier to swap and never happened before or after but when I tried to log in it sent me to support chat. Restarted the phone about 6x to finally log in and swap devices. It was a good phone except for that one little problem. Maybe it was just that particular phone? I kept it a long time despite that. Go for it!

  • Anonimato

Is the Coolpad Legacy mid-range?

Dan, 23 Jan 2020Free port-in deal at Metro seems fine. The regular price of... moreWhat's wrong with the camera software?

  • Dan

joe nodden, 20 Jan 2020Huh it appears the price has changed. It was 160 before. Ei... moreFree port-in deal at Metro seems fine. The regular price of $180 is overpriced though.

Lenovo K5 Pro has better hardware for sure. Have they fixed the camera software though?

Dan, 20 Jan 2020Such as?Huh it appears the price has changed. It was 160 before. Either way it's still not good enough. The Lenovo K5 Pro is better than this for the same price.

  • Dan

joe nodden, 11 Nov 2019I hate with good reason. There's so many way better options... moreSuch as?

i bought the phone oct 31.Its not even barely 2 months yet and right now i cnt go live on social media,people cant hear me. Peoplce cant hear me on speaker phone,i have to talk on headset. Contacts saving is trippin. I cant video chat on ig,messenger,tagged.People cant hear me and my phone goes in and out on wifi or off of wifi out and about regular service.Two days after i bought it i discovered the gps didnt work properly,i had to come to the internet and do research.It works fine now.Phone doesnt come with photo gallery,uses google photos.Phone has no notepad,have to download one.few weeks ago my phone wasnt working on speaker ,and whem i hit speakerphone the handset as on.s,h.Man i got this phone becuse it had a big screen and good storage.I had an LG K3 i believe and the ONLY ONLY REASON I WAS FINNA GET A NEW PHONE WAS BECASUE MY CHARGER JAC KWAS MESSED UP becasue i accidently steped on it kinda,had the phone about a year.I had insurance and couldve got my phone replaced for 50 had 32 gb space also.I chose to say eff it and get a new phone ,and end up spending 17o dollars that day including the case ,and it was a phone upgrade so i couldnt taake it back to metro pcs and they dont even tell that before you purchased it that u cant take back an upgraded phone.WHy would i buy something that i cant take back,i wouldnt had even expdcted it to be faulty.scam.ive been with metro pcs since 2005 in CA,never bought a sucky phone like this,ive had many phones,im so dissappointed.I didnt even really have the money like that to spend ,i thought it was worth it.Im highly dissappointed.Calls hang up,and my phone doesnt ring when people call ,me was the weekend and i didnt have to work,bout time i actually used the phone alot withing a few days,i already had 60 mins worth of talk time after the fact,made that in one day,that shouldnt decipjer if u can return the phone or not,like i said metro should tell u u cant return an upgrade phone when ur buying it,but they didnt ,they palyed me,.