Coolpad Legacy 5G

Coolpad Legacy 5G

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  • King

Roman360, 26 Jan 2021How do you own this device when its been cancelled and neve... moreYeah I agree with you cuz I'm holding it right now and it looks exactly the same I don't think it was canceled either

How do you own this device when its been cancelled and never released?? You sure you're not talking about the regular Legacy or Legacy Brisa? To the best of my knowledge Coolpad never dropped this device.

  • nico

When will this phone be available and where -?? We're now in June and Q2 is almost over in few weeks !

  • sti

when Outback series will come?

Thanks to super expensive 5G chipsets from Qualcomm.
We are to see the most expensive flagships this year.

  • Escobar

Hello, I would like to try this phone

Not bad phone but bit expensive i have to say for a barelly known brand.

  • Neetesh good camera

Batter camera phone coolpad mobile in India

  • Styx

I own this phone....Do not put it on a slow network.....if you do it's like a Lamborghini with a flat tire....good luck...

Coolpad is not available in Greece not even 1 smartphone.

  • Bshr

I hope it to be isn't Expensive

  • Amo Pedram

it has good specs sd765g and 120hz screen but it has tough rivals like redmi k30 and realme , and it's not much cheaper idk but i think they could've done much better than that , it's not really a looker too.

  • Anonymous

Coolpad has designed senses, their phone always look very beautiful, wht a job well-done respect!

Coolpad wants to compete against redmi k30