Coolpad Modena 2

Coolpad Modena 2

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  • Riki

How to enable sim 2?

  • AnonD-683418

There´s an option in Settings called intelligent service. Just add your app to whitelist everywhere..

  • AnonD-689460

I dont recommend to buy this phone.. i used it for trial period and what can i say.. On first day when got this phone opened to see video and on it appeared green stripes, at second day when someone called me on phone, couldnt hear what me say at all . So had problems with microphone.. Testing my voice on other programs could heard something but very quiet even if you speak normal or loud. Taken picture quality are very good for this cheap phone..but the sound when u turn on phone is terrible, including writing sounds on keyboard. And very often was that notifications about messages dont come on phone. Like , i had Whatsapp.. and when i open it, just then comes a lot of messages, and after i even lost my contact saved names,just showed their numbers and couldnt edit them.. i got angry and gave this phone back. Okay its cheap, in lv it costs just 129eur, but is it worth spend money on this? Ofc no.. better save money and buy one more expensive than deal with this, try to repair, which again costs money... So why do you need this to get on your nerves? I hope you will think carefully about which device you buy and be sure that its worth it. I would call this a hybrid phone.

  • Anonymous

I can't receive the viber messages until open the application. Why? Someone solution please.

  • AnonD-234512

Uhuh, 22 Feb 2017Ghz is more than mhz -.-Do you really think 1 GHz is something to talk about? 1 GHz common. You surely can make a phone call if you need just a phone.
Yea go and buy this phone. It will probably freeze if you run few app at the same time.
I have heard of this brand quality and that is Nothing to rely on

  • Uhuh

AnonD-234512, 05 Feb 2017Yea, if your looking for phones that has 3 years old techni... moreGhz is more than mhz -.-

  • AnonD-234512

AnonD-603717, 11 Dec 2016This phone is pretty nice and the price is super low only €169 Yea, if your looking for phones that has 3 years old technique, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal mem and on top of that is only support 32GB SD memory. Big Screen but only 720x1280 pixels and so much as 1.0 GHz CPU (wow my SonyEricsson Vivaz had 720 MHz back in Jan 2010). It also support yesterday Wi-Fi technique and does only support part of LTE bands.
OK it is cheap but you only get what you pay for and nothing more. What is so coool with this phone I can't see and price isn't surprising when you have 4-5 years old tech :-(

  • AnonD-603717

This phone is pretty nice and the price is super low only €169