Coolpad Note 3

Coolpad Note 3

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  • JASS

tarun0413, 22 Nov 2015Phone is good but its hanging in useThere is no hanging problem
I put 32 gb 24gb loaded card its
Working properly

  • pravin

this is awesome product i could be buy

  • Tom

Hey! I'm thinking of buying coolpad note 3.....should I buy it..

  • Anonymous

may I buy this phone.................

  • AnonD-462362

Problems of Coolpad with it's solutions.
1. CAMERA: The default app is very bad. Download Google camera, and see the difference. It's images are much better then the original camera app. Also camera's autofocus is one of the fastest in this segment.
2. HEATING: The phone is not heating in normal operations, during call etc. If some of you are facing the heat while normal operations, replace your phone with amazon.
3. BATTERY: Yes, I do agree that after the update the battery is draining quickly i.e. in Idle mode but the drainage is not alarming and since it was caused by an update, so the next update will rectify it.
4. Screen/Display: It is good in terms of a budget phone. Please dont compare it with AMOLED displays. Use common sense.
5. Back Cover: Dont make an issue with its back cover, its nice, atleast not a cheap plastic. Still you can get a good back cover which is available on ebay and amazon starting from Rs.150/-
6. Default Launcher: Yes it sucks. But you can use other launchers. I am using Nova launcher and many widgets are working fine in it.
7. 64GB not supported: It is working fine. First put the card in your laptop/pc, then format it with SD Formatter 4.0, it will work perfectly.
8. BSNL Sim: Mine BSNL Sim is working in Karnataka, Andhra and MTNL Delhi.
9. Dual 4G: Both sims are working as 3G/4G, but one at a time. The other Sim can be used as only 2G. To change the Sim, just click icon NET1(4th icon) in notification menu, and your 3G/4G will go to other Sim.

Remaining are software issues, which will be rectified in due course of time. So have patience and this is undoubtedly the best option under Rs.15000/-

  • Dinu

is this phone have facility to
move apps to SD card.?

  • Naleen

Is it 4G enabled ?

  • div

Mj, 21 Nov 2015Sir I hv just orderd this fone for pin 370201 pls send me perfec... moredont update it (23.6 mb) and for widget problem install nova launcher otherwise excellent phone

  • vamsi

Rima, 21 Nov 2015Is the Screen only 5.3 inches instead of 5.5 inches? I read it i... moreNo it is not 5.3 it is xactly 5.5 inch i measured it

  • Insane Saint Jo

Guys am using coolpad note 3,it's awesome phone for the price . Need a help can't find an option to move the app to SD,used the app but no use. In settings also can't find an option

  • Anonymous

naseeb, 24 Oct 2015operating system ?5.1

  • tarun0413

Phone is good but its hanging in use

  • Manoj kumar waghmare

Hi frinds
We got it coolpad note 3 phone.and working also very nice and sharp he is given 3 gb ram wonderful working & phone battery back up also very good.

  • AnonD-273441

Worst phone...... Battery s leaking like hell, and the back speaker is vibrating insted of producing clear sound.... The call quality s also worser compared to other mobiles of this price range

  • AnonD-334243

Nippon Electric Glass

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2015is box contain screen guard ................?No it doesn't

  • Rima

Is the Screen only 5.3 inches instead of 5.5 inches? I read it in a review. Has anybody measured the screen size diagonaly with the display on?

  • vinay

Divinemt, 12 Nov 2015Even though the features suggests that it supports MicroSD up to... moreyes its supports 64 gb same problem happened to me but then i find out that we have to format it through fat32 but not with ntfs or exfat . you will see it works

  • vinay

Anand, 13 Nov 2015Micro SD card is not detecting is there any solution ..pls share... moreformat it using fat32 but not ntfs or exfat ,, you will it will work same problem happened to me but i resolved it with this step

  • Anonymous

Is display has Natural colours OR Worm colours...........? please reply..........