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Coolpad Note 3

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-470760, 10 May 2016HEATING KILLS THE SHOW,DON`T BUY THIS PHONE. after buying the... moreDude my battery runs for four days...

  • Raj

AnonD-539285, 20 May 2016This phone does -not- have a Gorilla Glass screen, that being sa... morePhone has heating issue, don't buy

  • rajesh Vemula

Manoj, 22 May 2016I used coolpad note 3 for nearly 2 months. I never noticed the p... moreBut the phone was heat problem charging problem charging low immediately.

  • Anonymous

Jaggu, 23 May 2016Hey guyz.. I am goin to ordr this.. Is it good?Anyone please tell me how is it

  • AnonD-541657

Anonymous, 17 May 2016Put your battery in efficient mode go in battery and set it it w... moreI agree it takes a little more time to charge,but once charged the phone works for a really long time.

  • AnonD-541657

TARUN, 09 May 2016Sim 2 not working Finger print for lock an app is not working ... moreHey, You might have not turned on the finger print sensor,you can also visit the nearest service centre and sort out the problem.

  • AnonD-541657

Arijit, 12 May 2016Not at all, but i am useing this phone (cn3) from 3 moths ago, ... moreYou are right the phone heats up a little,but any smart phone when used a lot heats up,Otherwise Coolpad Note 3 is really a good phone.

  • Anonymous

Is this phone a perfect or good or bad or worst? Pls tell guys . I want to buy a phone and i want to know that this phone fulfill my needs

  • sriram

Is this phone is good or not?

  • AnonD-488026

holy shit!!!how come reviews of this phone on amazon and gsmarena are same?even in the same order!if you dont believe go see by yourself!!!!

  • Anonymous

deepak , 23 May 2016which is beter in coolpad 3 note plus or xiomi redmi note 3 plz... moreNever buy coolpad it heat to much

  • shubham

I want an google account on cn3 plus but can'
t works can anyone gives me advice please

  • Hemanth

Every weak battery life

  • deepak

which is beter in coolpad 3 note plus or xiomi redmi note 3 plz suggest

  • chintu

AnonD-540184, 22 May 2016Charging Problem: Using cn3 from three months but faced charging... moreSir plz help on this problem ...what can u do

  • Jaggu

Hey guyz.. I am goin to ordr this.. Is it good?

  • k. prasanna kumar

sir this phone having spam message and phone number reject list settings, and front camera ia not good i.e the picture is saved just like drawing picture. and mobile network connections also main problem.

  • AnonD-540184

Charging Problem: Using cn3 from three months but faced charging problem these days.When I put my mobile on charging it stops charging when charging is near about 50%(plugout and plugin doesn't affect) but on rebooting mobile the charging resumes. Please help about this issue.

  • Manoj

shubham kumar, 17 May 2016i am confuesd....this phone is good or not.....anybody can help ... moreI used coolpad note 3 for nearly 2 months. I never noticed the phone is hanged or any orher problems. It is the best phone in its range

  • AnonD-539285

Coolpad Note 3 Review

1. The Phone

The phone overall looks and feels nice, it has a light weight to it which is good considering the size and at first glance it's aesthetically pleasing. The Screen comes with one of those basic screen protectors which are plastic, and surprisingly the boxing of the device and other knick knacks also looks nice. Ordered on Aliexpress, took only about 7 days to get here with express shipping.


2. Performance

Overall, I am -extremely- impressed with this device, it's fast, no shuttering and even when using the multi-tasking the phone didn't so much as hiccup (by multitasking, I mean running Skype/facebook at the same time, or using youtube and a music player). This phone is a beast built for gaming apps as well, so far I've tried several and none of them have caused any lag whatsoever.

The battery is fairly resilient as well, in standby mode the battery only budged 1% over a 1 hour period. When in full use in that same hour period it only dropped 3% and that was with extensive updating/app downloading. Okay, maybe it was 4% but still!


3. Apps/UI

If I were to say there were a downfall to this phone this would have to be it, I've had non-google play supported devices before, but this has been the only one which I haven't been able to use the .apk for GooglePlay/Services/Manager to run it anyway. That being said there's usable alternatives like SlideMe and Mobogenie which give you access to the same apps anyway. So there's a way around it.

Overall UI is stock android with a few 'Coolpad' flares, biggest downfall is all the stock Chinese associated keyboards/appmanagers which are hard to get around at first. But using apkmirror was easily able to sort this out so.

3/5 for this.

4. Features

Though this phone doesn't have a Gorilla glass screen, it seems to be of a solid construction. Unlike -many- phones of a similar nature, the back on this phone is held on by -many- clips and though it is a bit tough to get off with your hand it is a sturdy way to keep everything inside. The screen itself does seem rather sturdy, though I have no intention of throwing it at anything to test it.


5. Accessories

There aren't many options when it comes to 'Phone Armor' for this device yet, but the options that are there are fairly nice looking. The only real downfall in this category is the fact that the phone is hard to find outside of India/China in any colour but white, that being said there are -a lot- of slim fitting cases which can change that... and heck, there's even cases which make it look like an iPhone (No idea why android users would want that!).


6. Overall

After only having the phone for a couple days, I can say I am quite happy with it. The only real thing that you need to overcome is the base system launcher and keyboard. Once you get better ones installed this is no longer a problem. The fact that I paid less than 200$ CAD for this phone which is on fighting terms with the LG G4 which costs almost 4 times that brand new should speak volumes to this device.