Coolpad Note 5 Lite

Coolpad Note 5 Lite

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  • Anonymous

khaja, 13 Jul 2018dear I am Facing call Drop Problem In my coolpad note 5 Whe... moreYour service provider is the cause of this problem not device.
Buy some expensive plan from form the service provider you'll see the difference.

  • Am Computer Engineer

This phone has some of the best features that you won't find in today's phone.
Best 'C' button with so much functionality,
Notification are above and quick settings and functions are placed below.
Screen recorder, Power saver etc option are easily accessible.
It is old now but still works best.
It also has front led flash.

Best part it is durable. There are dents on back of the phone but screen doens't have a scratch yet. I do use tempored glass sometimes but even when that broken or not applied the screen hasn't been scratched yet.

Loudspeaker is reasonable loud, current phone do offer louder sound but this just costs Rs. 7000/- but stills useful for all purposes (not gaming, because that's waste of time and money).

There isn't need but formatting phones once in a year or 2 would help in clearing unwanted data getting collected. Also phone feels good to use again.

  • Anonymous

Worst phone... No battery life, no camea quality.... I have to reset my phone every 3 months for storage space

Siva, 23 Mar 2018I am getting Popups advertisement even i blocked all popup ... moreWhen data on pop up ads appear on display,u just minimize by middle o button and reopen apps, that's all.

  • Apu

Siva, 23 Mar 2018I am getting Popups advertisement even i blocked all popup ... moreUse Eset Antivirus

  • sid

useless product from coolpad. never buy coolpad phones. its full of ads. always u get pop up ads and spam aps get installed automatically.

  • Anonymous

Lot of ads

  • Unknown

Lots of pop up ads, unable to make call nor receive where there is no hd signal, i mean using jio sim, auto touch and many many many more problems.

  • khaja

dear I am Facing call Drop Problem In my coolpad note 5 When I Turn My Network As LTE/UMTS/GMS it connect to call but the other person can not hear the my voice and it disconnect after 2-3 second

  • lokendra

it is automatically switch off and hang

  • Anandhu

got a lot of problems
Pop up ads are really annoying. If we clicks the close button in the ad the app in the ad gets automatically installed. Only way to stop this is by factory reset. The problem appears again after one month. So practically you have to reset this phone every month.
Phone gets hang, but that OK for a quadcore processor.
Excessive heating is another problem.
Its amazing look is the only thing I found good.

  • Anonymous

My mobile is getting too much hang while i on my data so can u please help?and i not getting notifications at proper time until i can't open it

  • Siva

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2018The phone gets heated up extensively...what should I do? I am getting Popups advertisement even i blocked all popup settings and notification how can I fix it

  • Anonymous

The phone gets heated up extensively...what should I do?

  • himanshu

that is a superb mobile phone for middle class families !!!

  • AnonD-707217

Please don't buy this mobile. This particular model has mic problem where you can't be heard at the other end, it will be very lower. Always you need to shout at your side to hear them clearly. My mobile also had the same issue and when approached to Authorised Service Centre, they are clearing saying, this mobile widely has the same issue being complained by all customers and gave my mobile for service to change PCB suggested by them. Other than this problem, this mobile works and perform well for the configuration.

  • Rock

Romie Lee, 17 Mar 2017marshmallow in the year 2017? are you kidding me???Are you kidding. This mobile is just at 7,500 rs.

  • akash

please tell me what does com.yulong.coolmessage mean

  • deepak

don't go with coolpad products if you buy any of the phone definately you will sell it for 2nd hand and again search for the mobiles like me

  • Anonymous

Utpal. , 31 Mar 2017Hi friends I want to know, it's camera is good or bad? Iam ... morebrother this is not a camera phone so dont buy coolpad note 5 lite. front camera is better for selfie addicts.