Cortana for iOS is now available to eager beta testers

Vlad, 27 November, 2015

Following the beta release of its mobile assistant for Android, Microsoft has now started rolling out the first build of Cortana for iOS. Both moves are part of the software giant's strategy of making its services available on competing mobile platforms as well as Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile.

The first beta of Cortana for iOS is now available through Apple's TestFlight app, which is the go-to method of distributing unfinished software on its mobile operating system. This means that only a small number of people will actually get to test it, since TestFlight releases are usually pretty limited.

Earlier this month Microsoft put out a survey asking people that were interested in testing Cortana for iOS to register their details. And now some of those people are starting to receive emails with download instructions.

Cortana for iOS can answer your voice queries, as well as manage your schedule, reminders, and alarms. It is able to track things too, such as flights, stocks, packages, and sports scores. Because it works alongside Cortana for Windows, you can, for example, set a reminder on your home PC, and you'll be notified about it on your iPhone afterwards.

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  • Chuck Norris

Now Cortana uninstall Siri ^_^

  • meh

I dont understand too. They even make an android launcher (Arrow launcher).

  • AnonD-463876

Better than Siri, then again anything is better than Siri.