Dark Mode now available on Google App and Assistant

Michail, 20 May 2020

Google’s quest to bring Dark Mode to its entire app portfolio is nearly complete as the Google App and Assistant now support the dark theme profile on both Android and iOS.It appears the changes are server-side and do not require updates from Google Play or the App Store.

In addition, the dark theme will be automatically applied if you’ve already set your system theme to dark. In terms of looks, the dark theme converts the white UI elements to black and dark grey ones.

You can also toggle between light and dark mode inside the Google App settings. The new theme option is rolling out today and will gradually expand to more users in the coming week. Some Android 9 users are also reporting that the Dark Mode option is available on their devices.


Reader comments

If we talking about mobile app: 3 lines up left-settings-dark mode-off/dark mode/black mode

It is beyond my comprehension why implementing dark mode on apps has to be such a lengthy and complicated task. I may not be a programmer, but for heaven's sake, it shouldn't be so damn difficult to change the colour codes. Any trained monkey coul...


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