dbrand is gearing up for the OnePlus 6T release

Ro, 27 October 2018

If you are into protective gear for smartphones, the chances are you've heard about dbrand skins. And even though the OnePlus 6T isn't out yet, the company is already offering its customizable kits for the handset ahead of the official launch on Monday.

The OnePlus 6 had a serious issue with the grip and dbrand knows that. Going by the latest rumors, the phone will be available in new colors but the main ones from earlier this year - Midnight Black and Mirror Black are here to stay for the OnePlus 6T. This means that the latter will be just as slippery as its predecessor so dbrand doesn't waste any time. You can check them out at the source link below.



Reader comments

The price too was reasonable

Thank a ton, I too got OnePlus 6T skins from GadgetShieldz this time.

dbrand is gearing up? Really. I saw GadgetShieldz releasing the skins of OnePlus 6T a week in advance than dbrand. I chose GadgetShieldz skins even for my 5T device. Moved from dbrand towards other brands. dbrand skins and GS skins are equally premiu...