Deal: Latest Apple iPhones discounted for Amazon Prime Day

Ivan, 15 July 2019

In honor of Amazon Prime Day there are ongoing deals on Apple iPhones. Two of the latest iPhones are included, too, so it's not just old stock.

Right now the iPhone XR has a Prime Day Deal that slashes its prices 20% in Germany - Black, White, Red, Orange and Yellow come in either 64GB or 128GB while Blue is 64GB only.

Deal: Apple iPhone discounts for Amazon Prime Day

Meanwhile in the UK you could save 21% on a 64GB iPhone X - it goes for 710 (down from 899).

In Germany you could save up to 279 on an iPhone XS, depending on the color and storage option. Here's the deal.


Reader comments

I agree they are mostly cheaper than the others but I'm talking about EU versions.

  • Anonymous

I agree with your first statement but the second one is totally false, I don't like Apple but their flagship iPhones and products in general have great resale value even after several years.

  • Anonymous

Iphone shouldnt cost more than 500 or any smartphone. More than that is putting the money to the bin as after one year they cost anyway 500