Deal: LG G6 drops to $119.76 with Sprint installment plan

20 November 2017

This week the deals in the mobile space are aplenty, what with Black Friday coming up and all that. If you're interested in purchasing an LG G6 and would rather have Sprint as your carrier than US Cellular, here's an amazing offer for you.

Best Buy is currently selling Sprint's LG G6 version for only $4.99 month with a two-year installment plan (and $0 down). That means you'll end up paying a grand total of $119.76 for the handset when those two years are up. That's pretty insane even compared to Sprint's current retail pricing of the G6, which is $480 - to say nothing of the device's initial price point when it launched this spring.

As usual with such exciting deals, there's no information on when this one will end. It might go on for a while, or be a limited-time thing which expires in a few days. To be sure you grab the G6 at this price, you will need to act fast.