Asus ROG Phone pre-orders begin, Italians get €100 credit for accessories

Peter, 19 October 2018

The Asus ROG Phone has two USB-C ports – the extra one is for accessories. And there are plenty of them. To that end, pre-ordering from Asus Italy between October 18 (today) and October 24, you’ll get €100 credit for accessories.

The phone itself is €900 for the 8/256GB version, you can see it here. The retail box comes with the AeroActive Cooler, so that’s a pretty good start.

You can pre-order the Asus ROG Phone in the US as well – from Microsoft of all places. It’s $900 for the 8/128GB model, $1,100 for 8/512GB. Here it is on Amazon too.

Asus ROG Phone Asus ROG Phone The AeroActive Cooler is included
Asus ROG Phone • The AeroActive Cooler is included

There’s more. The Gamevice adds hardware controls since not everyone is a fan of touchscreen gaming (there’s a wireless remote too, for some motion-controlled gaming). Alternatively, the TwinView Dock adds an extra 6” AMOLED display, two more speakers and two haptic feedback motors for some DS-like gaming.

The Mobile Desktop Dock and the Professional dock give you HDMI and gigabit Ethernet ports so you can harness the power of the overclocked Snapdragon 845 chipset for some desktop work. The Desktop Dock even offers DisplayPort!

The Mobile Desktop Dock The TwinView Dock The TwinView Dock
The Mobile Desktop Dock • The TwinView Dock

Unfortunately, we don’t know the euro prices of these accessories yet, so we don’t know how far that €100 will get you.

Thanks for sending this in, Viano!



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 22 Oct 2018
  • y}%

see? As a "King of game console" (I mean ps) sony should be able to create a gaming phone like this. They can use nvidia tegra processor, high screen refresh rate, big ram, integrate psVita games into it, and sell it with expensive price, and marke...

Why they design the back cover like that? Is it have any functions or practical or just for unmindful and gild the lily?

  • Anonymous
  • 20 Oct 2018
  • 80$

Here you have the official prices for RP Acc-s in US: ROG Phone Accessories Gamevice Controller $ 89.99 USD ASUS Professional Dock $ 119.99 USD Mobile Desktop Dock $ 229.99 USD TwinView Dock $ 399.99 USD WiGig Dock ...

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