Deal: Save up to $50 off of Apple Watch Series 4

Ro, 03 April 2019

It may seem like $50 off of an expensive gadget like the Apple Watch Series 4 isn't so much but it's actually the best deal on the wearable this year.

You can now get the watch from Amazon for $799 or even at B&H with the option of tax savings. You can even get a direct price cut from some of the deals. Make sure to check them all out at the source links below.

Source 1 | Source 2


Reader comments

None smart watch worth 799 dollars and it is a fact, please dont pretend tiny cut off version of mobile phone can be worth 799 dollars, lets be realistic

  • Niki San
  • 04 Apr 2019
  • sqk

Yeah right, I mean that, you are right. it also doesn't freeze, always does what is asked, makes it thru the day with a single charge with the smallest battery, doesn't risk to be hacked thanks to Face ID, has awesome closed network integration with ...

Yeah, only if you have an iPhone

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