Deal: Samsung will give you $200 off the Galaxy S10 if you trade in a working phone

Michail, 04 April 2019

If you wanted to jump on the Galaxy S10 train but were looking for the right deal, Samsung US might have a thing for you.

It's offering its flagships with up to $200 off as long as you trade in a working Android or iOS device. The offer is valid for all three Galaxy S10 models with your choice of carrier or SIM unlocked version. You have up to 15 days to send your old phone even after receiving your new Samsung flagship so either way, you won't be stranded without a phone.

Your trade-in phone needs to be able to hold a charge, have a crack free screen and be free of any major hardware damage. Another important note is that the trade in phone has to be approved by the FCC otherwise it won't be eligible.

Samsung asks that you factory reset your old phone before sending it in. If for some reason Samsung deems your old phone does not meet the requirements after you send it in, you’ll only receive a $25 discount on your new Galaxy S10.

With the new offer, the Galaxy S10e can be had for just $549, while the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ will set you back $699 or $799 respectively. Those are some pretty competitive prices for the latest and greatest Samsung has to offer - you can learn more about the promo by following the source link below.



Reader comments

Or sell your old phone and buy a S10 from a retailer, save yourself min. 400bucks.

I just spoke with a Samsung representative, and she told me that if you're trading in any smartphone, it will be a flat $200 off of your purchase of any S10 phone. You'll get the $200 off of your order, and then once you receive the phone, you have 1...

My still pristine Nexus 6P will probably get what, $25 off? $50 at most? That gets offset by the $71 state sales tax I'd have to pay, being in NYC.

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