Deals: Google discounts Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on both sides of the pond

Peter, 18 December 2017

The new Pixels were worth their weight in gold at launch, but the occasional promotion makes them a tad more affordable. Deals are available in both the US and Europe.

Google’s online store in the US dropped the small Pixel 2 to $600 (64GB) or $700 (128GB). The larger Pixel 2 XL is $774 (64GB) or $874 (128GB).

There’s an alternative deal brought to you by Target and Verizon – you need a contract and a visit to Target, but you get $300 credit for your monthly bills and a $250 gift card for the store.

Deals: Google discounts Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on both sides of the pond

In mainland Europe, both the Pixel 2 (64GB) and the Pixel 2 XL (64GB) get a €150 discount to €650 and €790 respectively. The 128GB storage is €110 on top of that - €760 and €900.

You can get the same deal from MediaMarkt – you’ll see the discount applied in the shopping cart.

Over the channel in the UK, the Google Store offers a £60 discount for the small Pixel 2 – down to £580 – and an even bigger discount for the XL model – from £800 to £700. The extra storage still costs £100 more.


Reader comments

Well iPhone X is atleast faster than this thing, but also more expensive. And I dare to say it's less boring and less ugly. It also supports wireless charging, and is overall more durable (this phone could break in skinny jeans)

  • Anonymous
  • 19 Dec 2017
  • X%7

You described iPhone x here. Except it's stock is...

  • AnonD-392500
  • 19 Dec 2017
  • g39

Still expensive. Better buy a sony phone.

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