Deals: Samsung Galaxy S8 for £475 new, £360 for a refurbished unit

Peter, 15 March 2018

The Galaxy S9 is a fine phone, but it just launched and its price hasn't had time to cool off. The Galaxy S8 is a different story. It's price in the UK is under £500, compared to £740 for the S9.

You can find a new unit from Amazon for £475 or from Alternate for £490. It's the G950F model with Exynos 8895 (single SIM).

Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F
Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F

You can go lower than that by getting a seller-refurbished unit from eBay. A Vodafone unit in Pristine condition is £430, the unlocked one is £470, so not really worth it. Note that this is for the Black model, other colors cost more. Dropping down to Good condition, the lowest price is £360 (Grey phone for EE), which is at least £100 off a new unit.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 17 Mar 2018
  • pVN

Gsmarena mostly checks standby time. Check all the forums in the world. 5t wins (by far) in SoT (which is the metric that matters to most)

  • red
  • 16 Mar 2018
  • nwW

I can show couple of videos where S9 won all of them :) U told that sony won s9 in performance, do you feel difference between 259000 and 250000 points ? :D :D I dont feel difference between 130000 and 160000 in real life ;)

308 dollars cost one to make so its still expensive and i am not willing to pay Samsung super expensive advertising. People at Foxconn forkign for 0,20 cents per hour and Samsung does not hessitate to pay some millions to TV stars for promotion. ...

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